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I now give you a Cassette or Disk with the INFORMATION and GUIDANCE for the DEVELOPMENT OF MENTAL MEDIUMSHIP.


I know I had promised a TAPE or CDs for a very long time, well now it is really here. There must have been a reason for the long wait.


The advantage of this disk is that this CD can be used to develop Mental Mediumship while SITTING ON YOUR OWN or IN A GROUP SITUATION in CHURCH, a CHURCH CIRCLE or any SPIRITUAL CENTRE DEVELOPMENT CIRCLE.

It tells ways of developing that are never told by Tutors, I do not know why many who teach seem to have been stuck in a culture of give enough information so the student will have come back and continue their development with me syndrome. On the other hand, perhaps they do not know why or how to do it. I personally go on the other tack I am very proud to have any student be better than me and I hope they will continue to be so because then I know I have done my work for the Spirit World.


I have found NO DEVELOPMENT TAPES or DISKS on the market that go through the stages of guidance in such a way as to recognise where and how the Spirit World places the information into the thought pattern to show the Budding Medium the HOW TO RECOGNISE PAST, PRESENT, and the FUTURE, also nothing is ever said about WHAT SHOULD BE LOOKED FOR when WORDS, IMAGES, SMELLS, TASTES, FEELINGS are placed in a developing Medium"s own thought pattern of information given by the Spirit World through the guide and harmonious group, [yes, by those who give the information to the Guide, the communicating Thought Person in the World of Spirit] who are also giving the information from the Spirit World to the Medium through the Guide. Perhaps these tutors do not know how or fully understand the mechanisms.


Please understand it is not just one person who brings information to the Medium, there are a lot of people in the background helping, so please do not put your own guide on a pedestal. You imagine how hurt you would be if after all the work and effort to collect information and help place images and thoughts into another person's mind you were left out and the someone who was also helping but was recognised as the person giving information out to the individual was given all the praise, and then you and others were not given the recognition you deserved, you would be hurt as would the others.


Your Helper, Guide, Door Keeper, Guardian Angel, what ever you want to call this person, works with a great many people in the harmonious group who are working in the background just as hard as your Guide, if not harder as they have to collate all the information that is relevant at the time of the Medium linking into the vibrations of the of the Spirit World, also link directly into the specific persons for the accurate and relevant information to be given to the recipient as evidence that life continues after we pass across the veil, and their loved ones are only a thought away. Please remember that Harmonious group who are in the background; they also work hard don't leave them out of your praise when talking about your link with those across the veil.


A most important thing that must be placed here is:- Because thought is a living energy, please think before you send out any thought, Whatever thought you give out cannot be brought back make sure it is in GOODNESS that you give out and NOT EVIL.

Remember Karma, what ever you give out comes back to you ten fold, let that always be goodness kindness, love and truth.

I have found what ever badness has been done to me is returned many times over to the evil do’ers. Over your lifetime be especially careful with those thoughts and actions of yours.


This CD and TAPE is for the BUDDING MEDIUM, the MEDIUM WHO IS STRUGGLING, and the PROFESSIONAL PLATFORM MEDIUM who wishes to hone their skills. Then with practice the developing Medium will be able to accurately say if Uncle Joe or Aunty Mary is in the Spirit World [past] or Is still on the earth plane [present] or whether they will be meeting up with them in the future [of course the future].


I have seen MANY Mediums in many demonstrations struggling with or by-passing the information or altering a first given message to suit what the recipient wants to hear.

e.g. they give out a name but do not know if the person has gone across to the higher vibration level [which most call dead] or alive here on the earth plane. Many Mediums cannot distinguish whether it is a daughter, mother, grandmother, great grandmother, auntie, friend or any other relation, which should be given clearly by that Medium and yet probably, it has been given clearly by the Spirit World but not recognised. Don t these alleged Mediums realise they should be going back to the Spirit World if they get things wrong; going back, back, back again, again, again and again, keeping on talking to Spirit as their friends within their thoughts, because that is what they are, they are their friends. Treated as such the Spirit World will certainly come to any caring, sincere person. Talk to the Spirit World as though they are here with you. Is it any wonder I have had to write the book and make CDs for people to understand.

Those people in the other vibration plane, World of Spirit, they can hear your thoughts and will listen if you are sincere and have a strong desire to help others understand life continues after the earthly body is finished with.


THIS IS NOT EVIL it is the people who use their gifts for evil purposes that become the problem. Remember it is not the Spirit World that will do you any harm it is the people on the earth plane you have to watch out for. They are the danger and can become the evil.


Please do this work for the Higher Life, [those in Spirit] in GOODNESS, KINDNESS, LOVE and TRUTH whenever and where ever you are linking and interacting with the Spirit World and recipients, and for your own sake and that of others BE SINCERE in what you deliver to that recipient.


Thank you for calling in.

May your God go with you, ALWAYS.




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