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A lot of people this day and age call what is happening all around them in the things that they do not understand Psychic Phenomena. I call it the natural progression of understanding when linking with the Spirit World. Here I am going to skate over the surface of Transfiguration.

Transfiguration is in real language, the change of form. There are two forms of Transfiguration.

Transfiguration within Spiritualism is when the Medium who has been linking with the Spirit World for many years through sincere, regular, dedicated meditation, goes into a deep altered state of awareness, becomes subservient to Spirit and allows Spirit to take control of the entranced Physical Medium s bodily functions and/or manipulation through their nervous system. The part of the Spirit World linking with the Medium will then either bring the Spirit form through the catalytic action (using the Medium as the catalyst is the only way for the ordinary person to understand) by manipulating the facial features and sometimes parts of the body or of the body itself of the Physical Medium forming it/them (face, neck, arms, hands, legs, feet, etc) into the person (or part of the person) who is allegedly dead (one who has crossed the veil) OR form a mask of a person who might be a loved one or a person known [sometimes not] to the recipient onto the face of the Physical Medium to show all there in the gathering they are not dead BUT they are still continuing their life on another vibration level.

The Spiritualist National Union (S.N.U.) in their wisdom (Is this the people within the organisation, over years gone by, being too clever?) have said that Transfiguration is only when the Spirit World uses ectoplasm and there is the mask of a person in the World of Spirit formed on or near the Physical Medium, (this mask has been seen as much as 20 inches away from the Physical Medium when formed, is documented).

The other way of Transfiguration of the Physical Medium when Spirit is bringing the form of the dead person through the Physical Medium from across the veil, is by manipulating the face of the Medium into the Spirit person. This manipulation is called by the SNU, moulding. HOW ridiculous can you get? Surely the form called by the S.N.U. transfiguration of a Spirit form being built through Spirit formed ectoplasm (a mask) is NOT transfiguration as it does NOT transfigure (change his/her form) the Physical Medium. This to my mind is Physical Phenomena through ectoplasm, if we get things strictly correct.

It is the manipulation of the Mediums face or body that is true transfiguration. Spirit changes the form of the earth bound Physical Medium into that of the Spirit person [but not always, Spirit can just manipulate the outer parts of the skin]. They, the S.N.U. call this moulding.


I say they are both transfiguration and so should be called. BUT who is to say there is no ectoplasm being formed by the Spirit World in the case of the moulding of the Mediums face as ectoplasm can be invisible to our eyes, and when Spirit forms the face of the dead person onto the Physical Mediums face there can be tubes formed [in the early stages of development] on the face of the Physical Medium supplying something. IS THIS ECTOPLASM being supplied to the areas of the Medium s face where it is needed? Anyway what are words, as long as it gives comfort to people who see their loved ones as a proof that they are not dead, but continue their life in a different way in their new life across the veil, who cares; I certainly don t? It makes my heart swell inwardly with pride to think that I am able to be used by the higher force of the Divine Spirit as an instrument to help others. Even though sometimes it shatters me after the sittings for a few hours if things do not go quite right in the seance. We are told by the older books that the Physical Medium naturally takes at least 16 hours to bring his/her body back to everyday normality. I would say it can take longer for some Mediums many times when linking with Spirit and producing Physical Phenomena. It effects each individual differently each time they sit for Physical Phenomena and it can be totally different for the Medium in EVERY seance situation when linking with the Spirit World. Until you are in the situation YOU DO NOT KNOW.

The more you meditate and talk to Spirit within your thoughts, the quicker you will progress in the development of Mediumship. I wish everyone all they wish me as I know it will come back to them ten times over, let it be goodness, kindness, love and truth, I hope all who want to progress along the pathway of Mediumship will succeed and be successful in helping as many people as possible understand we do not die but continue living when the bodily structure has been finished with. I hope this little bit of knowledge has helped you in some small way.

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