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A friend of mine attended the local hospital Warrington General and he was waiting in the car park for a friend to come out (for two hours). This friend noticed people from the hospital walking through from the ambulance drop off point going out of the hospital to another building opposite about 70 yards across the road where cars and people are passing all the time; some of the staff were still dressed in their wooden clogs and surgical wear, all that was missing was their masks ready for the theatre, one of the staff he actually saw walking across a small grass section in their clogs. IS IT ANY WONDER WE HAVE M.R.S.A. RAMPANT IN OUR HOSPITALS !! !! ? Dont believe him or me? Just go there yourself from 11 am until 2.00 pm and see for yourself. I thought it might have been a one off, but it has now happened on numerous occasions while I have attended. It definitely is a common practice. I think any member of staff should not be allowed out of any hospital building in their ward or theatre attire. This goes for doctors, nurses, porters and cleaners of all ranks. Those in authority say the public are bringing M.R.S.A. into the hospitals, I OFTEN NOW WONDER, Is it the staff themselves? It seems more likely seeing this.


What is going to happen to our grand children? a lot of people have been saying and all because of the global warming effect. What people do not realise is that in 50 years time or less, the OIL WILL run out, and at its present rate of breeding the human section of world will be over populated for its size.

We as an animal species are the only ones that do not take any notice of our surroundings and adjust our life style accordingly. Any other animal species does not breed if their environment cannot support it. If they do breed when times are bad their offspring perish.


BUT BEFORE THAT there will be all sorts of junk across the destroyed planet. What will all the planes and our transport run on? Look around you, there are no long term plans for the next modes of getting about being developed. About 95 percent of the things we use are reliant on oil, [even electric needs oil to produce the vast majority of it] that is why there is so much conflict in the oil regions and fights for control. This is why the oil barons like Rumsfelt, Chaney, and Bush took their people and idiot Blair to a middle east war. It was nothing to do with freeing their peoples. If that was the case other regions would have been getting the American troops on their soil look at the poor peoples in Africa. They are being destroyed by their own kind and left to rot by the other kind, the none caring, money grabbing sorts who run the worlds richest nations.

Who is going to control the worlds population? There only seems to be China doing anything about it, and this is only now they are finding it hard to feed their ever spirally population.


A dream of mine before I go to the happy hunting grounds would be to win the national lottery, to buy a place and make it a truly spiritual place, one which would be big enough to have a lot of people living all together under one roof and to build small places of worship in the grounds for every religion. A small Mosque, a small Christian church, a small Jewish Synagogue, a small Buddhist temple, a small Sikh Temple, a small Hindu temple, a place where the Wicca could worship, The New Age followers, the Druids, the African Witch Doctors beliefs and the American Indian followers, I hope you get my meaning. All these places would be next to each other and everyone could if they wished and in their own time, come to the large hall to mix, eat and socialise. I wonder what these control freaks who are high up in most religions, yes the bigoted people in the places of controlled worship, I certainly wonder what they would say about that? I wonder if they would even contemplate allowing their blinkered followers to mix with the other people of differently held beliefs without their supervision. I bet a lot of them would feel sick at the very idea and worry that many would change from their following of their particular indoctrination in their religion.

BUT one of the many problems is:- in every religion there are off shoots and different beliefs amongst them, they do not mix and many fight to the death to defend their branch of belief within that religion. Take the Christian religion for instance; the Christians have Baptist, Congregationalist, Mormon, Jehovah Witness, Catholic Christians, Protestant Christians, Christian Spiritualist, Evangelist, Church of Scotland, Church of England, Church of England High Church, Welsh Chapel, Methodist, Greek Orthodox, Russian Catholic, American Evangelist, Rastafarians, Born Again Christians, and a great many more too numerous to mention. I have never heard of a lot of the followers of one branch for instance Catholics going into a Jehovah Witness Kingdom Hall and joining in with the service and being respectful of their belief, or a group of Jehovah Witnesses going into any Christian Spiritualist Church to worship and being respectful of their belief.

 Look at it seriously for a minute, pause, now think about it in a different light, it is all crazy, but I CAN ALWAYS DREAM !!!!

Dream on !!!!


That is why there is so much conflict. All mankind throughout the world will never whole heartedly agree.

How on earth would I have enough land for the sects of Christianity who never come together to worship yet they are supposed to be spiritual, never mind all the other the different off-shoots of these different beliefs within all the other religions across the world.???????

I would like you to dwell on the Muslims and the Jews as well and see how many sects they have in their religions. Do you think they would worship together and pray together in true harmony ??????  

Do you think the American Evangelists would join in with a service/belief process within the Wicca when they are practicing their belief blending in true harmony, then the two of them attending a Spiritualist Church and be respectful of their belief, really genuinely coming together in true harmony ?????


I would like all the peoples of the world to become as one, come to a stage of being in harmony with each other, YES be as one, in "ONENESS" on this earth, all linking into the same vibrations of the GOD FORCE, all being together in the Oneness of that GOD FORCE.

Lets face it, we are all aiming for the same thing.

What a thought !!!!!!

It would be just like all the peoples of the earth coming together in tune with each others feelings, yes all people from all the corners of the earth coming together within the music vibrations of different nations just like W.O.M.A.D. without any interference from the manipulators. Why not try a bit better to get closer to your neighbours, to your friends you know, and those friends who you do not yet know. Make an extra effort to talk to others and bring them closer to you. [that is if you feel comfortable with it. We all sometimes need our own space of course.]


I am finding when I go to the places of learning these so called EXPERT teachers have only been involved in Mediumship/Spiritualism for a few years and have only sat in one or two circles so have had NO EXPERIENCE of other avenues of Mediumship [MANY TUTORS TEACHING ABOUT MEDIUMSHIP I AM FINDING, HAVE ONLY READ BOOKS ON THE SUBJECT THEY ARE TEACHING] also they get onto the teaching circuit and the next thing you find is the same little clique are together. [Dont they ever think of  widening their horizons?] YES, staying within their comfort zone and never progressing beyond what that little group knows. They never seem to sit in other peoples classes, they stay in their built up secure boxes thinking they know it all because they are now a TUTOR. They also try to entice the new comers back by stupid things like days off to go to the theatre and such like. Surely you go onto a weeks course to learn for the full week NOT HAVE DAYS OFF. Was this for the tutors' benefit, as the vast majority on the course were suggesting? Yes by all means have a break if the course is intense [as some find they need] BUT to have things booked to take most out to a theatre is to my mind ridiculous. Most students take precious time away from their every day job to learn Mediumship for the precious few days of learning, which they expect to be full, they have probably been saving their slowly earned money all year. The time spent on a course for 99% of those there every moment is one of total dedication to learning the ways of linking with the Spirit World. Yes by all means have a break in the evening whether with friends relaxing in the quiet or lively part of the bar/pub, relaxing in a quiet spot, relaxing talking with other quietly, some like to dance and be chaotic.  When you start talking to some Mediums in the bar, this is  the time some let their guard down you find out they have only read books, not sat in many Circles, kept with the same tutor, not broadened their horizons, OR the lies get thicker. I went on a weeks course to a place of learning last year 2006 [YES I STILL DO even after 30 years of development] Yet again I found the standards very disappointing.


WHAT IS HAPPENING TO THE WEEK COURSES in our places of learning as ADVERTISED as a week?????  I always thought a week was seven days some tutorials misrepresenting themselves as advertising a weeks course and the customer is only getting part of a week. BE VERY CAREFUL,  there are now laws governing what is put out in brochures and what constitutes a week or PART of a week.


I feel sorry for the ordinary peoples of the world who get caught up it the conflict of the world. It is happening all around us now, just like the one religion fighting in the middle east which is being controlled by the high up people in those religions. It starts by them indoctrinating these vulnerable followers when they are young guiding them into a wicked way of life all in the name of a religious belief. Why do those who are high up in the church NOT follow their own teachings and blow themselves up instead of the young and vulnerable being sent? Look at the Sunny Muslims and the Shier Muslims fighting each other. Look at the recent conflict in Northern Ireland, Christian against Christian, Catholic part against the Protestant part. Why? I will tell you the reason to my way of thinking, it for the minds of their own followers more importantly it is for the money in their pockets, and control. Religion is the pap [teat, tit] of the masses. All the religions no matter which one, try to get a young person, better still a child and then they indoctrinate that vulnerable brain of the little being from the cradle and they brainwash them into a way of thinking that they cannot do without their particular religion if they are going to get to the Kingdom of God. every other religious belief is wrong except the one they are now in. The pathway to the gates of heaven and are only opened if the little person goes along the given route that is laid down by the high and mighty, controlling influences in their religion, who are; MAKE NO MISTAKE ABOUT IT; an ordinary human being the same as you and I and the same as that person they are indoctrinating the same as they will be when they grow into adulthood. And the governments talk about child abuse, WHAT IS MORE ABUSIVE THAN THAT.

Don't believe me LOOK around you and don't wear blinkers don't only take in what you want to see?

If anything like this happened in a mental institute, or in any military institution, any government place or in a hospital it would be classed as torture and abuse, people would be on the streets and up in arms yet we let it happen in the name of religion.

There are none so blind as those   who do not want to see the abuse of control and abuse of mental indoctrination that is happening in the religious places around them right under their noses.

There are none so deaf as those   who do not want to hear about what is happening in the religious places around them right under their noses.

There are none so deaf as those  who do not want to listen to what people are telling them what is happening within their own religious indoctrination, never mind about any others.

There are none so insensitive as those   who do not want to be aware of what is happening around them right under their noses.

There are none so insensitive as those do not want feel for the people within those religions and how it is happening there right under their noses.


Is your young one, someone in your family, or are you suppose to go to the place of worship on a regular basis?

Is your young one, someone in your family, or are you made to feel out of it or made to feel bad if you do not attend?

Is your young one, someone in your family, or are you made to do things within your religion that you do not agree with?

Is your young one, someone in your family, or are you made to worship when you do not want to?


The Pagan Federation has appointed an Essex comprehensive school media studies teacher as its first youth manager - to educate teenagers about witchcraft.

Ralph Morse, a 44-year-old "witch" from Colchester and member of the local Silver Wheel coven, is producing an information pack about paganism and witchcraft for distribution to inquiring youngsters.

His appointment has caused anger among Christian groups who describe Mr Morse's role as "dangerous". The local MP will raise the matter this week with education bosses.

Mr Morse freely admits to participating in naked initiation ceremonies and to casting spells. He believes that all humans possess untapped psychic powers, which can be unleashed through worship. He says all spells cast by Pagan Federation members are used only for good. He will use his position as youth manager to counter the "misleading" information about pagans and to steer youngsters away from unscrupulous internet sites which may, he says, be luring them into satanic cults and devil worship.

Pagans, who predate Christians by several thousand years, worship a multitude of deities, based mainly on the seasons and harvests. Paganism is enjoying a modern-day revival some 500 years after the witchfinder general first began killing suspected witches. There are an estimated 100,000 pagans currently practising in the UK.

Kate West, a 42-year-old witch and vice president of the Pagan Federation, has just received an advance from publishers HarperCollins to write The Young Witches Handbook. Television programmes such as Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Sabrina the Teenage Witch, with viewing figures often topping two million, have fuelled its increasing popularity.

Mr Morse, whose wife Carole is a high priestess, was appointed following a surge in inquiries to the Pagan Federation which represents the interests of its 7,000 members.

He will not distribute information to children under 16 without parental permission first. "This is not about indoctrination," said Mr Morse, who teaches at the 1,300-pupil Shenfield High School in Essex. "We are being reactive to the needs of society and its young people.

"Over the last couple of years the number of inquiries from young people has increased dramatically. As a teacher I am already concerned with the protection of minors. There are thousands of internet sites out there but there is unfortunately a lot of misinformation and bogus people."

He denies he will preach, convert or recruit youngsters and has discussed his new role with his school bosses. But local MP Eric Pickles has promised to raise the matter this week with Shenfield High's head teacher.

"If he is a youth manager but his job isn't about attracting youths [to paganism], then what on earth is he doing?" said Mr Pickles, a Conservative frontbench spokesman on social security. "He is obviously a person children are in regular contact with and therefore I am going to take the sensible precaution of raising this with the head teacher to see if we can lay some guide rules down."

Father Leslie Knight, the local Roman Catholic parish priest, will hold a meeting with parishioners next week. "We should be promoting Christianity and not things which go into witchcraft and magic," he said.

Doug Harris, spokesman for the Reach Out Trust, a Christian group which helps people involved with the occult, said: "Paganism opens you up to a supernatural power that cannot be controlled. It's dangerous to encourage young people."

SO IS ANY RELIGION MATE  ! ! ! ! Look at the fanatical Muslims now ! ! ! ! ! ! !

Who are going to protect our children from the indoctrination of the main stream religions especially Catholicism, Judaism, and Islam? All those religions if not MANY more, get into the CHILDRENS little brains, brain washing them all with their legions and blind faith stories at the earliest time possible.


By recording Physical Seances on infra red cameras there is not so much of a need to allow the general public into the seances to see what is going on and not so much to put the lives of the Physical Medium in jeopardy. This way it gives the wider scope for others outside of the seance room within the general population to see what can possibly happen (THIS WOULD ONLY BE WITH THE PERMISSION OF THE MEDIUMS AND SITTERS IN THE SEANCE and lastly and most importantly SPIRITS PERMISSION, and I think they would wish for it to be recorded as they are always saying they would like for the proof to be more widely known). I think the time is now right as the technology is now here for the general public to start their own seances as they had done in the past, in general mostly in the last century. That way GENUINE seances could be more acceptable to one and all in this world of turmoil, instability of ours, and unfortunately more instability to come because of the War Mongers and nasty people in many countries of the world we have as leaders, those on a power kick [it is an attitude of I am right and all you hundreds of millions of sane people out there across the world are wrong; because we want to get our hands on the wealth of those countries, it does not matter about the people who are starving and who have nothing because their countries don't have any mineral wealth there; and these sick people sleep at night]. Sadly we in this country don't have to look too far. Look at the Prime Minister Blair who has just come off his high perch and his war mongering American friends across the water; Rick Santorum, Rumsfeld, President Bush, Dick Cheney, George Bush snr. and Donald Rumsfeld. Sadly there are those in America who think their country is the policeman [or disguised dictator, but do not recognise themselves as such] of the world, unfortunately at this present time there is no country strong enough to bring them back onto the path of normality away from anything they wish to do to other countries or anything they wish to impose on other countries on this planet. I have been told by Spirit, it will not always be that way and then the ordinary people of that country will not suffer.


A person I greatly admire Tenzin Gyatso, H.H. the 14 th Dalai Lama of Tibet


What I should say here the mediumistic people who have become celebrities have done a marvellous job of bringing to the public s notice that there are people who can link with the other dimensions of the World of Spirit where our loved ones are. At least now because of the pressure of the need to fill the spots in the all invasive media of television Mediums and Psychics are getting air time, where as before they were not allowed be portrayed in a good light on the screen or to be in the controlled paparazzi media because of the pressure of the controlling influence of the religions. The general public have always been interested in the higher life but were not allowed to say it openly. This is why all the religions of the day are now falling by the wayside, and their churches have falling numbers. The general population is now thankfully starting to think for themselves. They see now for themselves the way the high up in those religion abuse their positions and this is not the way they are suppose to be; they are getting caught out  abusing monies, married women, abusing children, young boys, young girls, and yet they were putting out their messages each holy preaching days of spirituality. They all thought they were above the law and they were the power of the land and country they were in. Yes perhaps in years gone by they were a law unto themselves, they are all now getting exposed by the media. Their corruption has to stop.

You might think things have changed BUT it hasn t, it is still going on in different parts of the world. The power and influence of the high up in the religions are still trying to control the masses. STOP AND THINK !!!!!


YET AGAIN the Roman catholic church changes their man made rules, to suit the times !!!!

Surprise, Surprise, could you see it coming?

Father Gino Concetti who is one of the most eminent theologians of the Vatican, wrote in December 1996 in their daily paper of the Holy See, called the Osservatore Romano,

Quote ; According to the modern catechism the Church has decided not to forbid anymore to dialogue with the deceased; this is as a sequel of new discoveries within the domain of the paranormal; unquote.

So there it is now official, OK FOLKS, it is OK to use a Medium because the Pope says so.

So that means the burning and persecution of Mediums has officially been put aside.

We the ordinary people have known this for our lifetime and throughout history MATE, we don't need YOU to tell us!!!!

I wonder how long before the catholic church, or any other church for that matter, has their own Mediums on the platforms and rostrums proving that life continues after we so called die, just like the Spiritualist churches do now. It will come. I have been told they will try it as an experiment, just as they will more so with healing and laying of hands in Jesus name. How times change with the weather. Lets see written on 26 9 07 by D R T Keeghan.



Who can say what this Mediumistic person Jesus looked like as there are so many different pictures of him all over the world and everyone is different just as are all the many interpretations of the Christian Bible. This is one book that has been altered over the centuries to suit the people and the political moods of the day. If any person no matter who they are, interprets any book from one language to another the original meaning is lost and this book (the Christian bible) has been altered into many languages; also it has been altered over the centuries in those separate countries take Britain and the English language as one instance, now think about it sensibly and honestly. Do you know how many different Christian bibles  there are for the  English language?

The various Christian sects have been opposed to Spiritualism in varying degrees. Yet Jesus Christ is regarded by many Spiritualists as a great master. He displayed many of the qualities and performed many acts, which they accept as an essential part of Spiritualism. He healed the sick (healer), heard voices from the Spirit World (Clairaudient), he was transfigured on the mount (transfiguration), walked on water (levitation). He told the robber beside him on the cross that today you will be with me in paradise (life after death), and he appeared to his disciples after his death (Physical phenomena; materialisation). All the many Spiritualist Mediums these daily functions to a greater and lesser degree yet none of them are on a pedestal or have a religion started with them as the founder of Christianity.

Look no further than the Koran, it says the word of Mohammed should not be altered YET it is in now in English and many other languages and when you change one language into another the meaning are never the same. Look at the many Muslims who are fighting over who has the correct wording of the Koran who's Koran is the correct one. Religion is crazy it is all about the hearts, minds and what ever is in the pockets of the followers those who have been brain washed from a very early age to kill people who do not believe in what ever they believe in. 




Thank you for calling in.

May your God go with you, ALWAYS.



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