A Tarot Book and a full set of 165 easy to learn and use Tarot Cards which are in three packs ready for use as YOUR earning tools.



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[easy to learn and easy to read]


This is a Tarot card book the likes of which no person has ever written before.


The author, D R T Keeghan, who saw the Spirits objectively when little in his heavy curtained, blacked out bedroom, which continued night after night if the landing light was not on, this was happening for him up until changing rooms with his sister [who never saw a thing in there] when he was 17. Roy never saw them again until he sat for Spirit 15 years later in the 1970s, now he has been a Spiritualist Medium for over 30 years, has put his personal knowledge of the cards and training of others into an easy, very well established form of learning that is understandable even by people who have had a struggle learning the Tarot in the past. The way of learning shown in this book can be applied to learning anything in your every day life. The author goes into the details of the cards that have been kept a mystery for centuries and passed on by the few only by word of mouth just to keep others in the dark. This pack of cards has been cleverly designed and expanded by the author to include the extra cards of Maid, Knave, Lady in Waiting, Lord and Lady, in the MINOR ARCANA (or ordinary 52 playing card pack, now 72), also expanded is the MAJOR ARCANA (the Tarot or Oracle cards from 21 to 41). The 12 Zodiac Signs have also been included to be used either with the hearts and clubs in any ordinary pack of cards, any other Tarot card set, within the Keeways pack, or on their own.

This interpretation of the Tarot cards is felt by the author to be easier and far better for the ordinary person learning, also for them to understand the ways of interpreting the full meanings and intricacies of reading the Tarot by using the Keeways Sun Ray; Keeways Clock; Keeways Wheel; Keeways Forty Niner; or Keeways twenty Fiver method of expansion for each individual card. These are just some of the many spreads (over 20) placed out in the book.

This book can be used on its own by novices as well as professional Tarot card readers who have knowledge of other card packs. The reader can then if they wish, expand their own general knowledge by the use of the Keeways simple rules of the Tarot for use with any pack of cards, in any card set out, any spread or  in any layout reading, as well as in this very special, fully integrated 165 Tarot card set as explained in simple terms in this book.

The author has devoted well over 26 years in the collecting of material for this book and the making of the complete business set-up for others to benefit from.  

All the book and the cards in the three packs have been personally designed, drawn and laid out for the general public by the author D R T Keeghan, and each has had a small input by his young family of four generations; mother, aunts, uncles, sister, sons, daughters, grandson and granddaughters, nieces and nephews.

It is shown within the book any person who is willing to spend a little of their time as an investment, will be able to use the cards as a game socially, or work at it as a very, very, rewarding business, making it possible to always earn money for the rest of their life so paying for this book and set of cards many, many, many thousands of times over.


As you go through this A4 SIZE book you will find out that some other authors do not explain fully the correct ways of learning the tarot, and the true ways of looking at them. They only put down the set meanings of each card, so leading people to believe that the cards when placed down on a surface to be read within different spreads, that the cards are fixed in their portrayal of a Enquirers destiny, this is not true. The cards are only a tool, a prompt for your inner self, your own psychic, [in later years of development to help as a prompt whilst linking with the higher force we call Spirit] remembering the tarot cards are not evil. It is the people who try to use them for evil intent that are.

I believe this is because the other authors do not understand the ways of the cards, nor have they been taught correctly to go about reading the cards in the ancient developed, constructive manner.

The reader of the cards can starting earning just by reading the cards alone, then as you develop with these special Tarot cards you will become more accurate using your psychic abilities you did not think you had, you the reader, will begin to attract the regular customers and your reputation will grow. Then progressing further on using the Tarot cards as prompts just as it should be done, you will be able to use the link with the higher life [Spirit World; use your TRUE mediumistic abilities]. Please don't be worried as YOU WILL gain mediumistic abilities by following the methods of development in the book and if you want to go further into Mediumship and develop more, you can by using the methods of development in the other book Meditation Oneness. Please do not think you cannot do it. I assure you this is one pack of cards you will buy and not put away in the cupboard draw. It is a pack of Tarot cards you will think it is hard to learn BUT if you take the time of a few weeks to read and learn and follow the simple rules from the book you will be up and reading  for others and so earning within a few weeks, even if you are a slow learner or reader, a few months.

All it needs is for you to put in a little worth while time aside for that learning, so you can be soon earning by using the simple business plan incorporated in the book. The money is out there to be earned and people are crying out for Psychic and Mediumistic information.

The cards are so designed to make it easy for the readers of the cards yet confusing for the recipient of the information and leave them wondering how on earth the card reader found the correct information amongst the overwhelming information before them. By learning and following the simple rules of the ancients the meanings will fall simply and naturally into place for the reader of the Tarot cards.

I have tried to lay out for my individual readers, from complete beginners, going through the best ways that I know how to expand naturally and progress if they want to, right through to the standard of a professional reader of the tarot. I will be showing you the rules that have never been written down before but taught to me by my family and to my mind rules that can govern readings; also give you, the reader a sound grounding for the future of your craft. Each person can take as much as they need and use it; so progressing to whatever stage they want to go to. Using a dictionary and a thesaurus whenever the need arises especially in the advanced stages of learning, you will find the help from these sources invaluable, using them regularly helps you understand the use of your own language more, they also help to expand your mind, words then come easier. When the reader has finished this book in a constructive manner, they can, if they so desire using the business plan enclosed, make it possible for them to earn from

15 to 35 pounds a sitting, earning a 

possible 150 pounds PLUS a day

for YOUR lifetime.  

ISBN   978-0-9554590-1-6

Cost of Unlock the Tarot Book is :- £10 pounds     p&p £6

Cost of the full set of Tarot Cards (three packs, 165 in all) :- £12 pounds    p&p £6

The cost of your LIFETIME BUSINESS to set up is only :- £22 pounds  p&p £6




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Thank you for calling in.

May your God go with you and yours, ALWAYS.



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