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  Arthur Findlay College,   UK

A learning centre of excellence which has courses every week of the year to help people in their search for a top standard in the deliverance of true Mediumship. As with a very few places in England the budding Mediums go through their development and teaching courses here to attain a good standard before they are accredited by the college. Look out for their certification and make sure it is genuine.

Within the grounds it has a wonderful tranquil garden which is a place to walk around or sit on the many seats it has dotted around the place. There is a garden of remembrance if you wish to go and sit there to think about people who have progressed beyond the veil. At different times of the year the garden has a wonderful array of plants and flowers to greet you as you wander around. There is a coach house and stable building that now has been converted so the the Psychic News weekly newspaper and its separate bookshop can be housed there. The Psychic News and its very well stocked psychic bookshop is a place within the grounds a lot of people forget about while in the College as it is about a hundred yards across the grounds away from the main building. The College/hall itself also has a bookshop, along with the restaurant, lecture halls and well over a hundred bedrooms many with one, some have two, and three beds in them.

Arthur Findlay College is situated in the the village of Stansted Mountfichet

Advertises itself as The Worlds Foremost College for the Advancement of Spiritualism and Psychic Sciences, and I suppose it is.

Here they are always bringing on new tutors for the good of people all over the world.

When you stay there on the courses you are never judged no matter what your belief and you meet guests here from all corners of the globe. You can go there as a guest attending the courses, or just use it as a base hotel, all that is asked of you is to treat the place and the people and every individual's beliefs with respect. Known all over the world as THE PLACE to learn,

Very good transport links are very near. The airport is very near, as is the motorway. National buses run to the Airport BUT please get a taxi from the college or the village as the airport taxis service tend to over charge for the short distance [approx 3 mile]. Trains run into the centre of the village of Stansted Mountfichet a short walk away [approx 1 mile]. article on wikipedia


 Morris Pratt Institute, USA

[Morris Pratt]

The Morris Pratt Institute
The Morris Pratt Institute offers information and education courses on modern Spiritualism.

Known during its years as the spooks temple, the Pratt Institute soon earned the respect of local citizens and eventually gained national fame after it was constructed by Morris Pratt in 1889. For those interested in Spiritualism all over America, Whitewater became known as the Mecca of Modern Spiritualism. When opened, the Temple was dedicated in 1889, back then it consisted of lecture rooms, office, a chapel and dormitories. The land and original building at Whitewater, Wisconsin, was deeded to the Morris Pratt Institute.

11811 Watertown Plank Road
Milwaukee, WI 53226-3342  USA.
phone: (414)774-2994
fax: (414)774-2964


Cosy Mediumistic Teaching Environment

 Aura Psychic,  Wales,  UK

A wonderful setting in Mid Wales near St Michaels/Oswestry. Has well organised beginners and intermediary meditation sessions for groups of up to 14. The place is set in a converted farm building where the owner and her husband live.


 College of Psychic Studies, UK

Founded in 1884, the College is an educational charity set up for the purpose of investigation into, and the exploration of, psychic phenomena and related spiritual matters including healing.
We seek to promote spiritual values and a greater understanding of the wider areas of human consciousness, welcoming the truths of all spiritual traditions and, equally, each and every individual.

The College of Psychic Studies
16 Queensberry Place
London SW7 2EB, UK

Appointments, bookings and events:
+44 (0)20 7589 3292

Library and all other departments:
+44 (0)20 7589 3293

Fax: +44 (0)20 7589 2824

Opening hours:
Monday - Friday 10.30am - 7.30pm
(phone lines close at 7pm)
Saturday 9.15am - 2.15pm


  Hafan Y Coed,  HYC,  Wales, UK

I recommend staying here or even just visiting the place for a few days. I went to HyC to take a course and stayed there to help out as a volunteer for a year and a half, the surroundings of the place is great. You seem to get lost in the tranquillity of the whole area. Here is a small snippet.

Hafan-y-Coed is The Land of Beginning Again.  It is a residential Awareness Centre nestling under the ancient Sleeping Giant mountain inside the Brecon Beacons National Park in South Wales.

Hafan-y-Coed is not affiliated to any religion.  All are welcome to enjoy the courses on offer as well as those who are searching but have found no defined path.

Courses are not compulsory.  We also offer accommodation to those interested in using Hafan-y-Coed as a holiday base to enjoy the beauty of the Brecon Beacons – birdwatchers, ramblers, walkers, geologists and others.  For families there is plenty on offer within a short drive of the centre.

The centre has a mini bus that volunteers use to collect you from the bus and train stations of Swansea, and Neath at a small cost. if you use a car it is a wonderful drive through Brecon village or any route aim  for Abercrarf village but do not go into the village the centre is just past the large stone that advertises the Brecon Beacon National park on the A4067 Swansea to Brecon Road. Look for the advertising signs at the entrance on the left coming from Swansea direction as you go 50 yards past the large slate stone.


The Spiritualist Association of Great Britain, SAGB, UK

The Spiritualist Association of Great Britain (SAGB) was established in 1872 and was formally known as the Marylebone Spiritualist
Association. Shortly after the end of World War II, the SAGB moved from Marylebone to its home in Belgrave Square

Have many tutorials with different tutor throughout the year. Is set in a very comfortable building in the heart of London.

I have never been here but I have of heard many wonderful things about this place of learning over the years and would recommend it whole heartedly. Most of the Mediums who travel the country and the globe work here and at Stansted, so it might be convenient to stay here or near by. When in London call in for a look and you might be surprised.



 Spiritualist National Union,   SNU,  UK

The SNU was founded on 18th October 1901 as the Association of the Spiritualists National Union Ltd.

Said to be the largest Spiritualist organisation in the world.

The SNU has a comprehensive range of educational programmes and award schemes to enable students to fully understand the practice and history of spirit communication, spiritual philosophy and religion of Spiritualism.

Participation in the study courses is open to the public but educational awards can only be given to Class B members. Studies can be by individual postal tuition, by study group, or speed week/weekends. Costs are kept to a minimum as all our tutors, examiners and course organisers give their services voluntarily.

Education correspondence courses are organised are run by the Education Committee, students can go at their own pace and for those who wish, the SNU conducts examinations and makes awards to successful candidates. To members of the Union, examination passes may be used to make application for one of the SNU awards.

The SNU keeps a register of
award-holders and SNU Ministers of Religion, all of whom have had their academic attainment and practical ability certified.

The SNU invites Spiritualists and members of the public to join its Education Scheme. There is a range of education courses to teach those who wish to become mediums, speakers, healers, lecturers, writers or administrators. Students may take a combinations of courses and assessments that lead to a certificate or diploma issued by the SNU.


 College of Psychic Studies,  UK

Founded in 1884, the College is an educational charity set up for the purpose of investigation into, and the exploration of, psychic phenomena and related spiritual matters including healing.

We seek to promote spiritual values and a greater understanding of the wider areas of human consciousness, welcoming the truths of all spiritual traditions and, equally, each and every individual.

As one of the oldest establishments of our kind, we endeavour to keep in touch with any new developments and educational methods, to continue the College's influential and distinguished history. Our teaching staff, sensitives, healers & counsellors have extensive training in their respective fields and are dedicated to helping with personal, psychic and spiritual development.

Individuals can study and develop at their own pace within a supportive and peaceful environment. Anyone wishing to enrol for any programme at the College is embarking upon a personal journey of investigation and exploration that should not be entered into lightly.

Everyone must take personal responsibility for themselves, and attendance at consultations, lectures, courses and workshops are at the individuals' own risk without liability on the part of the College.

Nearest Tube (less than 5 minutes walk): South Kensington station ( District, Circle and Piccadilly lines; London Transport buses No. 14, 45A, 49, 70, 74 & C1 ).


 The Zerdin Society,  UK

The society that has followed on where the Noahs Ark Society, NAS, left off with the promotion of Physical Mediumship. Educating everyone about the subject. Lets hope it does not go the way of NAS being a society for the promotion of one person. That was the reason I left the NAS.



 Lily Dale Assembly,  USA

Lily Dale Assembly is one place in America I have heard about from the many Canadian and American guests that I met while attending the many courses at Stansted Hall and other places of learning. I would whole heartedly recommend it to anyone who lives on the continent of America because of the amount of people singing its praises.

Click and look on their web site for more information.  Here is just a snippet.

We invite you to explore and experience the many opportunities to expand your knowledge and intuition. We hope you will find here a deep sense of peace and a renewed sense of the divinity within you.

Since it was established in 1879, Lily Dale has been the world's largest centre for spiritual development and the practice of the Spiritualist religion. For nearly 130 years, Lily Dale has offered a world-renowned summer program of lectures, workshops and other activities featuring best-selling authors, leaders in academic and scientific research into psychic phenomena, as well as the world's most powerful Mediums, teachers and healers. Lily Dale is widely known as a place where knowledge and enlightenment converge in ways that deepen faith and heighten awareness. The energy of the universal life force can be felt, experienced and developed here in this serene 19th century lakeside community surrounded by towering, old-growth forest.

The heart of the Lily Dale year is our summer season, from late June through the first Sunday in September, when tens of thousands of visitors attend the wide array of programs offered on the grounds. A full schedule of workshops and seminars is highlighted by special events featuring some of the leading names in spirituality. Daily and weekly activities, Mediumship demonstrations, healing services, evening entertainment, and a variety of attractions throughout the grounds will make your visit to Lily Dale uplifting and renewing. Accommodations at either of our historic hotels, campgrounds, or in one of several private guest homes make taking in all that Lily Dale has to offer relaxing and even more enjoyable.

But your spiritual journey needn't end with the summer season. There are an increasing number of opportunities offered off season in Lily Dale through the Church of the Living Spirit and the Lily Dale Spiritualist Church, as well as through the growing network of Spiritualist churches, schools and camps throughout the United States and Canada.

Thank you for calling in.

May your God go with you, ALWAYS.




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