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I place this page on my site for the benefit of all as I believe the truth should be known.

Please take note of the details of the seances that help to make the Spirit World come to the physical plane and join us here.

Notice there is are constants throughout all the seances make a mental note of them and use them for the benefit of yourself and the Spirit World.

 I often wonder when people tell me that the Sprit World are using different methods to produce phenomena, who started all this off,  was it a mediumistic person who was speaking with the alleged voice of Spirit fooling themselves thinking they can produce things quicker, like over night, because they have no time to spare as a lot do, OR, did the instructions come from the Spirit World in total INDEPENDENT VOICE away from any Medium. Do you know what there are NO seances producing materialisation with modern methods, we have to go back and use those methods that worked for in the many seances that sat in ordinary houses at the beginning of Spiritualism.

It all needs patience and special time put aside to link with the Spirit World.

If you think I am wrong tell me, and you can prove it to me and the whole world. I will be the first to stand on the rooftops and shout about it. But for now here are the ways that worked, enjoy.

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A Biography of the Brothers Davenport - Thomas Nichols, 1864, 360 pp
Mediumship and Its Laws - Hudson Tuttle, 1900, 186 pp

Materialized Apparitions - Edward Augustus Brackett, 1886, 182 pp

Psychics and Mediums - Gertrude Tubby, 30+pp excerpt on mediums

Spirit Intercourse, Its Theory and Practice - J. Hewat McKenzie, 1917, 295 pp















Links here take you away from my website, I do not in any way endorse the products or the beliefs on any of these sites, I only place them on here to make you think, and for general interest, I accept no responsibility for content you may view at external websites. As you can see I am an ordinary person who says it as it is and no literary expertise but I am sincere with telling you about linking with Spirit and how to, that is my love.

Thank you for calling in.

May your God go with you and yours, ALWAYS.




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