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Over the many years I have been sitting in Circles, (since 1970s) I found out the good and the bad circles and found I was not secure in a great many. At the beginning of my development I read as many books as I could of the Circles and the happenings in the previous century and found out about the ways of the past, so I started sitting on my own and found from then on I was guided by Spirit and only them. [BUT I never stopped sitting in good Circles, the more the better]. From there on I have found what I have been looking for and that is linking with the Spirit World and TRUTH. I feel to this day I must have been put through all the traumas, trials and tribulations whilst searching and linking in with the Spirit World to learn from them and then write about them all. This is I feel is to pass on the things that might happen and could happen to the ordinary individual when linking with Spirit, so all who sit for Spirit in different situations will not be frightened if any of it if it happens to and around them. NO HARM EVER CAME TO ME. If the Spirit World are going to work with you they are NOT going to do you any deliberate harm.

When linking with Spirit I hope I will never tell lies where Spirit is concerned as lies and nastiness are negativity, because negativity can most times slow down and many a time stop spiritual development as many who link with Spirit have found out to their cost of a loss of their Spirit given gifts. Every person should only be thinking of helping others whilst sincerely linking with the World of Spirit and put away their own EGO.

Please remember when and if any person who teaches you a particular skill of linking with the World of Spirit IF THEY CANNOT DO IT, THEY CANNOT KNOW IT. So how can they teach a particular skill. If they cannot do Mental Mediumship they cannot teach it, and I believe should not be allowed to.

If tutors cannot do trance work.



But be careful, I was in a trance development situation with a very respected international Trance Medium and he did not go through the correct procedures of letting me come back to everyday normality when I came suddenly out of trance, I go into more detail in my book Meditation Oneness.

And most importantly


It can take most TRUE Trance Mediums after a GENUINE physical seance, a least 16 hours to get their body fully back to normal if they sit in a deep trance situation for physical phenomena. SO TAKE NOTE from one who has been tested. I mean FULLY back to everyday normality.

How can they help if anything goes wrong in the seance and they have to help the Medium in distress?


I am only back to writing and completing my books, because I am not sitting for Spirit as much at present (only gently in the last six months) and can think a lot more clearly, my head not feeling as dream like. BUT after the Christmas period I will be back to sitting twice a day with Spirit, an hour or so each time, morning and night. Remember all the other strong TRUE Physical Mediums of the past were said to be in a quiet, dream like state most of the time. Read the older books if you do not believe me, I can only now understand what they must have been like. I only now realized this in myself because I have not meditated as much recently and my brain is working for the benefit of Spirit in a slightly different way. BUT I am more alert.


I have been tested by a doctor whilst I was in a trance situation at Ayr University in 2001 and my blood pressure went up to 169 systolic over 154 diastolic and my breathing slowed down as did my heartbeat, my normal blood pressure is 120 systolic over 70 diastolic; see the details on my other website;  I did not know I was doing anything different at the time other than looking into the light within my mind and becoming part of it. I have also recorded myself on VCR Tape, where tubes on my face are being produced by Spirit; to form another human form through my face; to pump up, to expand and also to reduce the fluid [or is it ectoplasm? in all honesty I do not know] going into my face to change it into a person who is across the veil (allegedly dead). The tubes start about the jaw line then go to about the eye area and then sometimes across the temple and I am NOT fully developed in transfiguration after sitting for it for about seven years, and I will never be. You see you are never fully developed in the Linking with the Spirit World. Never believe those people who say they are a fully developed Medium. Even when you are at a stage of good development, you should always keep up the meditation to maintain your good sincere link with the World of Spirit. If you do not meditate regularly, the link with Spirit fades and ultimately goes fainter then comes to a halt. If you do not use it, you will lose it. I give Spirit permission to develop me every night after I say my prayers. I sincerely ask to be developed only by Spirit bringing only goodness, kindness, love and truth, to come within the Divine Light of Spirit and come only from within the loving harmony of Spirit of the highest realms. And asking Spirit for a good nights sleep and rest, awaking fully replenished in energy and back to normal for my normal everyday life.

Just because a person knows one particular branch of Mediumship does not mean they know them all. Make sure they can do it themselves before you take any notice of them. Also be a knowledgeable skeptic in this life of Spiritual investigation, I mean within Spiritual development NOT JUST SPIRITUALISM. You have to experience anything with which it throws at you to know it. Yes a person might know the basics BUT THEY WILL NOT KNOW IT UNTIL THEY EXPERIENCE IT!!!!! And I will challenge anyone to tell me different.

t is like a man saying :- I understand what you are going through, as his wife is carrying and then having a baby. What a stupid statement. You have to experience it to know it. Only a lady who has had children can know what it is like NOT JUST ANY WOMAN, even a woman who has not had a child cannot know, even then in that situation of having a baby things can be different, just as they can be different in a persons Spiritual development. BUT THERE HAS TO BE CONSTANTS.

I remember a lady tutor who was taking a Trance Development Circle and this was not too long ago, [yes, I still go to Stansted Hall  for a break when I can for the trance development weeks, as the power there is like no where on this earth] this particular time we were all sitting in the Circle were told to link with Spirit and when someone had something to say from Spirit, to speak. A student said :- What if I have something to say when Spirit comes to me and someone else is talking, how will I know when to speak. This so called trance tutor said to us all :- when you have finished speaking touch the person next to you. SO MUCH FOR KNOWLEDGE. It took me three wasted days of that week to feel comfortable and go into any sort of a trance state in that Development Circle and even then I did not feel very secure. You must never touch anyone in an altered state of awareness or in meditation. It is so important to sit with people you can trust.

She should not have been allowed to take that tutorial.

(See the warnings in my book Meditation Oneness [subtitled Linking with Angels] now being called the Mediums Bible, and has just been reviewed in the Psychic News weekly paper. The newspaper can be ordered from the P.N. at Stansted Hall), unfortunately P.N. has now closed.

How an earth does any other person know how much of an altered awareness that other person is in? They could be in a state into which I can now go very quickly, one where Spirit heightened my blood pressure. (mine comes back to near normal, but not quite, a minute or so after, as was shown in the tests down to a 164/104. Other Mediums blood pressure went higher than mine see the figures of the tests in Meditation Oneness).  Imagine the consequences of a shock in that situation with the sudden extra surge of blood in an already overly stretched vascular system. The extra blood pressure surge could cause an already weakened/thinned blood vessel to break/rupture. Please remember even I did not know it was regularly happening when I was in the trance state until I was tested by a doctor at a course in Ayr University Scotland in 2001. On the 8th, 9th, 10th August 2001,

The only way people are going to find out for themselves is to meditate, meditate, meditate, meditate, and meditate some more, after sincerely encouraging Spirit (through thought) to come close to you and allowing yourself to become subservient to the World of Spirit. Meditate while looking into your third eye at the colour/colours to try to slow down the thoughts going through the mind, [if any thoughts come into your mind allow them to pass through do not dwell on them], at constant intervals asking and encouraging Spirit to come closer, to be linking with the World of Spirit. Sit with others of like minds, or sit on your own as I do and have been doing now since about 1989. (and after sitting in Circles for others since the 1970s) This is after EXPERIENCED (not) tutors were telling me; you must not sit on your own it is dangerous, you must not sit on your own Spirit will not come if there is no one there to come forward to show themselves to. I will say again go back to the older books and read them carefully. Please learn from the start of your journey of enlightenment from tutors who know what they are talking about and who have had many years of practical experience. Try to get hold of my book and share the information with others help your fellow man so they also can know that there is life after our so called death.

YOU and SPIRIT have to learn together no matter where or when or how, before you as the instrument of Spirit go out to show others in the wider world the gifts you have learned together. Spirit have to learn as well, they also have to practice with you, YES you have to become AS ONE within the Oneness of Meditation. Trust in Spirit (I trust Spirit with my all, fully) if they are going to work with you they are not going to do you any harm, it is only the people on this earth plane you have to watch out for; they are the danger. Look at some of the offshoot interactive spiritual (allegedly) sites or some interactive Spiritualist church internet sites and then you will understand what I am saying. To my mind they are not kept as they should be, spiritual as their name implies.

REMEMBER what you give out comes back to you, let it always be goodness, kindness, love and truth.

I wish everyone out there all they wish for me ten times over. I hope it comes with your compassion, sincerity, love and kindness, and given in truth of your belief. No evil intended as it should be when given to others.
I have been through seeing the veil within my third eye, I have now gone through it. I am now up to the stage of seeing the beautiful, wonderful, and brilliance while looking into my third eye the seeing of the Divine Light. It is as though I am looking into the sunlight [but different] with my eyes closed and being part of that Light, it is so comfortable and so reassuring. I know that I belong. I am part of it. This is in the darkness or red light of my own private home seance room and many times in the daylight. Please try to get to that stage in your development. You will find it something else, again IF YOU DO NOT SEE IT, HOW ON EARTH CAN YOU KNOW IT.

If you are going to be a tutor learn as much as possible of your subject then set out the rules BEFORE you sit with others, have those rules written down and then keep them with you because you are only human and could forget one simple rule that could hurt and put off the novice. Keep the format simple and be sincere in your helping of others. In your Circles be punctual. DISCIPLINE HAS GOT TO BE BROUGHT BACK INTO CIRCLES.

 A few years ago I was in centre where a development Circle was being taken, where people were allowed to go out of the room and return during the Circle. How crazy can you get, if anyone cannot hold their water in their bladder for an hour and a half they should not sit in a Circle. Some Home Circles go on for three hours as they did in the early part of the last century. What would they do then? How on earth can you get the stability and harmony within that Circle that is so necessary to build up so the spiritual development of all come together as one unit, so all there within the Circle are able to blend sincerely and fully with the World of Spirit? How can that happen with interruptions?

I do not understand the tutors who allow this. If a person is that desperate, OK let them out but do not allow them back until the start of the next session. This is where the rules should be laid out before any start of a Circle, and this should apply also to any course in any teaching centre. I have also seen people swap their seating after the tutor who had previously consulted the Spirit World for the best positions for everyone in a Circle.

I have been in a Circle where the tutor was in TRUE DEEP trance, walking around inside the Circle with Spirit in control, the Medium/tutor talking in a totally different voice than her own, a male voice, giving trance assessments to all there on the last day of the week and one person was out of it; eyes closed and steady breathing. The two people at either side of him were going to shake him to bring him round. I had to stop them. Afterwards they said he was asleep. BUT WAS HE he did not think so? I am finding there are many people in Circles who are becoming mind readers, [
ARE NOT] supposedly knowing what is happening in another persons mind. HOW ON EARTH COULD THEY KNOW WHAT STATE OF ALTERED AWARENESS THAT MAN WAS IN?

I think all who attend Physical or Deep Trance Seances or Trance demonstrations or Trance workshops should have to sign a piece of paper that tells the sitters what might happen. Also what things could affect the Medium and if anything is done by anyone there to harm the Medium, and most importantly the possible consequences of those actions. That way the offending person can be taken to task and if necessary prosecuted for endangering the Mediums life. That most precious thing, the genuine working instrument of the Divine Spirit.

In the 1970ís when I first sat in a seance type Circle with Dave Wickins in Kensington Liverpool. This is a warning to all from my own first hand experience again, and I have many, I have written about them in my book. Meditation Oneness, READ AND LEARN YOURSELF
One day Dave Wickins, the Circle leader, told us he was going on holiday and did we wish to carry on with the Circle as he could get another experienced, church platform Medium from Birkenhead to look after the Circle the following week. We were all excited with the progress we were making so agreed to sit with this Knowledgeable Church Platform Medium {WAS NOT}, as we thought, not knowing anything, being ignorant of anything in the Circle or a trance situation.

This platform Medium came across the Mersey from Birkenhead to where we were in Kensington in Liverpool above the butchers shop. I must admit it was very kind of him to do this, having to catch a bus, then the boat across the Mersey, then another bus for him to get to our seance room. That night we sat in the dark with a very low red light and as usual after prayers, we had all gone into an altered state then the lady in deep Trance was speaking in a guttural, monotone mans voice. Again new to us all, and her knowing nothing about being taken over by Spirit. Unknown to me I was also deep in an altered state of awareness. I was just looking into my third eye and allowing Spirit to develop me. The time was up for the Circle to finish, and what we thought was the Knowledgeable (WAS NOT) Church Platform Medium asked us all to let the conditions to go. We were not coming back to a normal condition out of trance quick enough for this person, who we thought was a Knowledgeable [NOT,,, DEFINITELY NOT] Church Platform Medium and he went over to the lady who was talking in Trance and shook her, she screamed out in shock, got up and walked out of the room never to be seen again in the Circle, and at the same time I had something shoot up from both my hands, up out of both of my arms and out of my chest on the left just below my peck muscle. I still to this day have niggly pains in that area. I never sat again for Spirit for two years after that for fear of what might happen again. I only then sat in Circles for others for close on twenty odd years sending the power to them, but I have started sitting for myself again for the past eight-ten-ish years.

Gordon Higginson was burnt many times by the foolish people who tried to grab the ectoplasm or by people making sudden noises while in the Physical Circle or demonstration. Also he was burnt in the stomach area from a metal buckle off his belt.

Once, because of people not cleaning the seance room before a Physical Circle, Gordon had a safety pin drawn under his skin with the withdrawing ectoplasm into his stomach/solar plexus area at the end of the seance [this is what we were told by Paul Jacobs while he tutoring at Stansted. Paul was a very good friend of Gordon].

In 1956 Helen Duncan the Physical Medium, was severely injured and consequently died by the deliberate, forced intervention by the police into one of her Physical Materialisation seances.
A seance was being held in a private room upstairs in a Nottingham chiropodist s home, the police forced entry gave a massive shock to Helen who was in the cabinet, in an unconscious Trance State, and producing ectoplasm (so Albert her guide, who would come through, could [he was talking through Helen at the time of the break in] talk to the audience through Independent Direct Voice box before the Materialisation started). Helen was deathly grey, unconscious and bleeding from the mouth when the police carried her out of the cabinet into the bedroom and laid her flat out on a bed. The doctor was called, the police at first wanted to take Helen down to the police station, the doctor refused to let them, so the police wanted him to strip her and examine her for masks and muslin cloth in ALL her orifices even in the state she was in. She was also in great pain the police again asked the doctor to come down to the station with her, the doctor again refused. They again tried to insist on taking her down to the police station, the doctor said I will have no part of it, she is in deep shock, Can t you see she is dying. She is a diabetic and has a heart problem. If you move her she will die. She died thirty-six days later, I now believe as a direct result of that massive shock to her human body system. I can see this death was caused by internal bleeding and psychic burns, knowing what I do now.
All because Helen Duncan was using her gift/powers from God, the Divine Spirit to comfort people and it was in conflicted with the establishment (most of whom belonged [and still do] to the Christian Church), was the last person to be prosecuted in Great Britain under the witchcraft act of 1735 at the Central Criminal Court on 3rd of March 1944. She was convicted, sentenced, then gaoled/jailed for nine months. 
CRAZY !!!!

There are many books that have been written about her and the trial, one being the Two Worlds of Helen Duncan by Gena Brealey with Kay Hunter. Mary Armour of Scotland has recently written a book about Helen called My Living Has Not been In Vain. Mary includes in her book many new unseen documents of the time. The bookshop in Stansted Hall will probably have copies of these books as it has the best Spiritualist, spirit communication, and other occult books for sale.

A place I also love is the Hafan-y-Coed Spiritual Centre in South Wales on the edge of the Brecon Beacons National Park. I went there what seems is many years ago now to take a two week course, I stayed there to help out for a year and a half as a volunteer, the atmosphere is great there amongst the wildness of the hilly countryside. There is a stream running through the grounds which is fed by the lake just a few hundred yards up the very small mountain area at the back of the buildings. I built a few naturalistic water features, small waterfalls and opened out two pond like areas, lined the stream base with stones [which then started attracting kingfishers, wagtails and dippers], made 3 meditation circles, one in the woods by the large stone, the other up by the lake, the main one by the main wooden building was made by Jeff and his good lady Miranda, Tracys children, and myself. Later in the year, Tracys children helped me collect and gather some wood chippings [over a hundred bags which we got free] for the main circle, by the accommodation, to make it nice under foot, the other circle is up by the lake, also some other volunteers made a labyrinth in the remembrance garden. I bought and planted two sacks of daffodils by the playing field the far side of the stream and from out of my garden, planted hundreds of snowdrops around the labyrinth and near side of the stream, and spread out the blue bells on the other side of the stream nearest the playing field, which I hope are all still there. A few years ago Tony the retired electrician/plumber, and Dave the retired fireman, did a lot of work over the months while they also stayed there to get the halls and rooms ready for inspection by the health and safety. Please try and go there even just for a visit you will love it. There is a wonderful local pub called The Copper Beech just around the corner in Abercraf village that has a welcoming local atmosphere, good food, and accommodation if needed, there is also the General Eliot pub who also have a good local atmosphere and good food just a short walk long the road going the other way towards Brecon direction. The Hafan-y-Coed centre has food and accommodation as well.  Constantly improving the place for the good of the people staying there.



Thank you for calling in.

May your God go with you, ALWAYS.




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