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It seems strange to me looking back, I keep on asking myself, why on earth did I become interested in the way of life I am now pursuing? I started going to the Spiritualist church when my every day life was exploded by the break up with my family. I dont know to this day why I went into the Spiritualist church in Daulby Street Liverpool I only know I am now glad I did.

The things I have found out as I have progressed in the movement and mostly being on my own path learning from others of far more experience than myself. I only wish I had had the foresight to learn far more and enquire from them when they were close to me and I was at an early learning but unsure fog bound stage. Those people especially Gladys Owen [SNUs Lionel Owens auntie] could have taught me so much more. I thank her for being an instrument of my beginning. Most of us do not realize what we have in front of us when we are there with it. Only realizing later on after many years have gone by. This applies about everything in our lives. Grab hold of those knowledgeable people with two hands and learn as much as you can from them. BUT the case of Sensitives [mediumistic people] be kind and caring, they will give you help, but do not push too hard the information will come from them as and when. Enquire at the correct time and withdraw when necessary to give them their own time.

I started attending the Liverpool church in Daulby Street in the1970s I do not know when exactly. I was welcomed by different people as it should now be done now in places of learning and churches but sadly is amiss in many. Those different, helpful, people made it known to me what help in the direction of learning was available within the church environment. I was not asked to join anything nor was I asked to attend any church service or development class. It was as though I just needed to keep on going along with the attendance of the church services for the time being. What compulsion that kept me going there each week, I do not know.

I was at that time starting to talk to Dave Wickins who had had problems with his daughter who was involved with the evil side witchcraft and was having problems with it. It was affecting her mind, [or was it the hallucinogenic drugs she might have been taking at the time?] thank goodness with Dave s help she came through the other side and is now happy with life. I think she was just looking in a wrong direction with bad people who were trying to control her. I thank the goodness and kindness of Dave as he taught me a lot more than he realised.

I eventually went outside the Liverpool Church to find what else was available in this funny set up of proving there was life after our death. Different people had different ideas of what it entailed. There was, I found, so many different conflicting opinions. I was feeling confused at the time. I now realise there were so many people trying to control what I thought because of their own lack of maturity, experience, and their lack of education in the field I was trying to learn from. There was no one really in the circle of people I was involved with that I was comfortable with, except Gladys Owen. She was the only compassionate person amongst them even though others called her behind her back for being so strict. I can now understand why she was like she was.

Gladys Owen died at the age of 82. When she was only three years old, as people came into the Spiritualist church, she was giving out prayer books and went around the church during the service collecting the offerings. Just before the first world war she was courting a man/youth but he unfortunately got killed. Because of her love for him and the knowledge she would meet him again in the life across the veil, Gladys never married. Now that is a strong belief. Her father used to be a Physical Medium who, amongst other things would levitate in her Home Circle. He used to rise while sitting in the chair in the Home Circle after asking the Spirit World who were controlling the events, four of the sitters got hold of the legs of the chair he was sitting on in the air above them, and tried to bring him down; they could not move the chair at all. Then when they all had sat down again in their original positions in the Circle, the chair with Gladys father on, floated gently back down to the floor.

The pathway of life I now go along does not have any ties around my body to keep me in one place, nor does it have any people saying if I go in one direction I will not achieve what has been set out for me, there are no other friends saying if I fall off the pathway I will fall into the fiery pit of hell and I will end up in a place of damnation. In other words I do not have a tie around my mind either. I have had to find the pathway for myself without any other personís help. That much I have so far found out for myself. No one has told me. If I wish to go along another pathway that is up to myself. There will be no criticism from anyone within the Spiritualist movement because of it. I wish this was the same in other religions.

Each person has to learn within themselves as they progress in their spiritual development. Yes there are different people guiding you along the way as you progress BUT you as an individual should have the strength of character to be able to choose the way that is suitable for you to go along and not be controlled by anyone at all. Your mind should be open to all the goodness and the badness of the world when you learn and recognise different things you can then throw away the badness, and you can be guided by your own inner feeling. This I feel is so you can be shown what is the true pathway of life that is needed by all to lead a decent life for not only yourself but for the rest of mankind. It is only from ALL the true facts and the possible out come of anything, that a good decision can be the end result. I hope every person will decide for themselves and individually try to make the world of ours we are now in for a short time a better place. Do to others, as you would have done to yourself.


Thank you for calling in.

May your God go with you, ALWAYS.




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