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A small list of a few mediumistic people out of the millions who are on this earth. In this directory are just a few of these gifted Mediums, gifted seers, gifted Psychics and gifted Mystics that are working proving life exists after our earthly body is finished with.

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MEDIUMS and PLACES of Learning Mediumistic Skills

For The Mediums Directory / Listings, click onto the link of the first letter of the Medium s FIRST NAME they are known by, or the letter of their FIRST INITIAL. This is the way they have been placed in the alphabetical order.

Don't just look at one psychic or mediumistic person, browse through the whole list, there are some very gifted and very talented mediumistic people within the list, from throughout the British Isles and all countries of The World.

I will be colouring the places the Mediums come from so you can quickly see. I have deliberately not place the Mediums in areas because it gives you a chance to look at the other Mediums in the list who you might not have taken into consideration. I will also be placing a colour over the organisation accreditation so you can see that also and know the Medium who you can chosen has been tested by them. BUT that is not to say any Mediums who does not have accreditation is not by any means good. A lot of people, and this includes Mediums, do not like to be told they have to show a piece of paper to say they are of a high standard, far from it, I know lots and lots of really good Mediums who do not have any qualifications because of their dislike of bureaucracy and want to stay away from any organisation which tells them they have to do this that and the other. Their only purpose in life is to help.


It is nice to see the S.N.U. have copied my ideas just before I have had chance to place my web site onto the net. I had previously Email their webmaster to ask if he wanted his and his good lady placing on my Mediums list with a photograph two days later the S.N.U. site is up graded with two photos of their Mediums on it, fantastic. Great to think I had some influence for change. This below is similar to what I sent them as I will to other Mediums :-










What to look for in a good Medium

Before I give you the list of Mediums I would like to place something into your mind to make to think a little more than normal.

I would like to heighten the standards of our Mediums, and their Mediumship, many of whom are dedicated, hard workers for Spirit, and for the new comers to take notice as they might think it is easy when linking with the Spirit World and giving messages on the platform.  Mediumship is not something you can go into a shop and buy, it is not in a bottle or on any shelf at the supermarket. It all needs dedication, hard work, and patience and the developing person to be sincere.

Going to a places of learning for a week is not a quick fix for Mediumship. Truthful, Sincere Mediumship can only develop in dedicated hard work of dedicated sitting by yourself or with others. Progression can only be achieved to TRUE Mediumship by guidance and then sitting, sitting and more sitting in sincere meditation hour after hour after hour, it very, very rarely just happens. Even if it just happens a person still needs guidance, this is where our places of learning come in so use them to the full, BUT MAKE SURE YOU HAVE A TUTOR WITH PRACTICAL EXPERIENCE, NOT JUST A BOOK READER WHO THINKS THEY KNOW IT ALL. DON'T TAKE A PERSON'S WORD FOR IT, SELF PRAISE IS NO RECOMMENDATION, ASK AROUND.

As the Medium Battling Bertha Harris said in the 1950's and it has been said many times by the older experienced Mediums before that, and a lot of tutors are still saying these words; "Mediums are getting up on the platform to give messages before they are ready and this is happening more and more".   This is not to down cry anyone but get them to sit up take notice and to hopefully get everyone to sit for the Spirit World a little longer in this busy world of ours, and so develop their link a lot stronger. Take time out to learn and blend with Spirit.

I place here on this site within its pages, some places of learning I would recommend. BUT remember the tutors change over the months and years in many places. I am only recommending the places of learning, the tutors you will have to find out about at the time you go. The teaching Mediums on whose courses I attended are now going to different places and a few have either stopped tutoring or have progressed into the life across the veil. I was taught by and I would recommend Gladys Owen, Coral Polge, Gordon Higginson, (now gone up stairs, progressed), Lionel Owen, Eileen Mitchamson, Mallory Stendall, Janet Parker, Glyn Edwards, Ron Jordon, Len Loban, Leonard Young, Judith Seaman, Steven Upton, Paul Jacobs. Some tutors I would definitely NOT recommend as they seem to know everything yet have not the Mediumship experience to teach. They have probably learned all they know from books and talking to other Mediums.

I am placing here a reminder to make Mediums think about what they are doing and how they might go about it; this is for everyone going into Mediumship and for them to take note because you will be working with the public and for the public. Go and make a fool of yourself in places of learning where we all have had to learn and where people understand what you are going through, and not in front of the public who will judge you on every demonstration, Please take notice of your tutors who will hopefully straighten you out and point you in the correct direction for meeting and dealing with the public. Remember you will be an ambassador for the the World of Spirit do not let them down. There are so many people in this world who do not want the truth to be told, so put your best foot forward, go out into this wide world of ours with its doubters and let everyone see you at your best and doing Mediumship within sincerity and most of all telling the truth.

BUT please folks remember we all have our off days as do working Mediums when sick, feeling down, have not kept the link up with the Spirit World because we have had something else on our mind, and nothing is guaranteed when linking with the Spirit World. If you have trust in those in Spirit they will have trust in you and will be there as and when to help you do your demonstrations with confidence.

What I am seeing now which only happened rarely in the past, is some Mediums want to be a celebrity and have celebrity status, boosting their big ego. Ego is a killer of a lot of once, good Mediums. Look closely at the demonstrations they do and work out for yourself how much of a link they have then say to yourself, "I am not going to do that it will make me look a fool and a fake even though I know in my own heart I am genuinely linking with the Spirit World. I want to be better than they are and do my job genuinely and in truth proving to others there is life after life".

What I should say here the mediumistic people who have become celebrities have done a marvellous job of bringing to the public's notice that there are people who can link with the other dimensions of the World of Spirit where our loved ones are. At least now because of the pressure of the need to fill the all invasive media of television. Mediums and Psychics are getting air time, where as before they were not allowed be portrayed in a good light on the screen or to be in the controlled paparazzi media because of the pressure of the controlling influence of the religions. The general public have always been interested in the higher life but were not allowed to say it openly. This is why all the religions of the day are now falling by the wayside, and their churches have falling numbers. The general population is now thankfully starting to think for themselves.

Here are a few of the things to take note of when watching a Mental Mediumship demonstration.




DID THEY OR I  [ if I was that Medium ]:-

Asked too many questions of the recipient, or any questions except can you take that? or is that correct.?         A Mediums should only give what they get from Spirit NOT allow their mind to come into play.

Did the recipient feed you information?. They should only be saying yes or no?

Did the Medium too many times throw out their fishing line instead of going direct to the person. [they get a link but do not know where they are going with it, whittling down the number in a process of elimination]?  If they did so, they definitely need to go back to talking to the Spirit World for help and guidance.

Is the Medium on the platform demonstrating alone before their time?

Should they be with another Medium as support and being shown how by an experienced Medium?      We all have to start somewhere.

Am I or they getting a psychic link or a spiritual one.

Do they/I Need to go back to sitting in meditation with Spirit for better development.

Need to go back to sitting in meditation with Spirit to hone their gifts.

Need to go to a college of learning to have a better understanding of giving an address of philosophy.

Need to go to a college of learning to have a better understanding of how to deliver a message.

Do you they need to to a college of learning to have a better understanding of how to give only what they get from the Spirit World and not make up a story about the information given by Spirit, as they go off the accuracy of the message letting their mind interfere with the Spirit given information.

How can you learn to be a Medium, a good link for the Spirit World and the recipients loved ones, if the person [ the recipient ] on the earth plane is giving you information and not the Spirit World?

Ann Oliver

My spiritual gift is to use my artist abilities to draw and paint a wide range of topics including, spirit guides, landscapes, pets, portraits and commissioned work.

Art has been my life since I can remember and I am grateful that spirit have the use of my gift in a way that can touch people in many ways.

I am also a Reiki Master, and Spiritual Healer, from Wiltshire, UK

Email please click here

Anne Owen 

 Anne Owen

Work Experience & References
Anne consistently astounds her clients by the accuracy of her predictions and by the way she is able to diagnose their medical problems. She has often been called by experts to help solve crimes and murder cases and is one of the rare clairvoyants to have been asked to lecture at police colleges. Just a few references.

Taught in a Police College, teaching Remote Viewing; Scotland Yard; The West German Police; International Governmental Officials; US Naval Commander; Celebrities; Major International airlines.

Anne Owen uses Mediumist Clairvoyance, and Holistic Healing.

Anne is an internationally acclaimed psychic and clairvoyant Medium has launched her two self help recorded messages - How to develop your own psychic ability (first in a series of 12) and How to improve your luck using your own psychic ability. Please see her web site at for more information and to see how Anne can help you using her extraordinary talents. The web site has photographs, testimonies, interviews and all contact details including an on line form to make contact with Anne.

Tel;   01250 870011

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 Mediums D

David Wheeler

OSNU CSNU    An Officiant of the Spiritualist National Union

Gateshead, Tyne & Wear    

Spiritual Medium and Healer

I take services, private sittings and spiritual healing also official services, wedding namings, funerals, blessing of same sex couples, marriage blessings etc, workshops, Demonstrations of Mental Mediumship.

Will travel if expenses are provided.

Tel: 0191 422 15 26    Email

 Mediums E

Elaine (Sari) Edlin

Newark/Lincoln Area

International Medium/Healer also featured in Eva/Best/Channel 4 TV, Horse & Hounds magazines and more recently Sunday/Daily Express. To find out more, visit my website, affirmations, testimonies and healing book etc.

I am happy to make home visits within reasonable travelling distance, but expenses for travel have to be paid for.
I am a natural gifted Healing Medium and Clairvoyant Medium.
Love light and blessings Elaine S, also known as Sari.  




Jackie Drummond
Jackie is based in Edinburgh and has been working as a Spiritual Medium for 5 years. She has studied at both Stansted Hall and Treysgawen Hall.
She has degrees in Reiki, Crystal Healing, Indian Head Massage and Hopi Ear treatments, and at the moment she is studying to be a counsellor at Stevenston College in Edinburgh.
Jackie is very passionate about Spiritual Healing, Crystal Healing, Animal Healing, Reiki, Hopi Ear Candles, She always enjoys working with both people and animals. She says, "The amount of comfort and wellbeing that a Healing can bring, never ceases to amaze me!"
Jackie also enjoys working on a psychic level with her Tarot cards, as well as Demonstrating, Party Evenings and Private Consultations to provide proof of survival from the Spirit World.
Contact Jackie:
Tel:  0131 654 0900    Mob: 07783 655193

At present use this site to see her contact


Rachel Keene

call me during UK office hours
0845 833 0768 (UK local rate)

Email or telephone Reading bookings

I am happy to receive your messages about:

Healing, (Reiki treatments and Ethereal Crystal Therapy), Past Life Regression Appointments, Hauntings and Unexplained Phenomena, Spirit Presences, Paranormal Investigation Requests, Missing Persons/Pets.
You can join my mailing list to receive regular site updates on whats new - and be in with a chance each month of winning a 2 question reading or distant Reiki treatment. The draw is at random every month for everyone on the list, so if it is a freebie you want then join the list! You might be lucky.
As my schedule is hectic it may take me a few weeks to reply to queries other than reading requests, but I do answer all of your messages personally

Ron Jordon

Clairvoyant and Trance Medium. Tutor at the Arthur Findlay college

 Mediums T

 Tony Stockwell

Born in the East End of London,

When he was 16 years old, he was invited by a friend to attend a local spiritualist church. This was the beginning of Tony’s journey to becoming one of the countries most well-known and respected Psychic Mediums.

Tony has been demonstrating Mediumship for over 19yrs, and has worked all over the world. In such venues as The London Palladium, The Manchester Apollo and St Davids Hall Cardiff. In 2005 Tony embarked on his first major tour of New Zealand and returned in 2007.

Tony demonstrates Mediumship, teaches and lectures at the prestigious College of Psychic Studies in London,  also previously at The Spiritualist Association of Great Britain. He is also an approve tutor of The Arthur Findlay College - Stansted Hall.

In 2006 Tony opened his own development and awareness studio in Essex, ‘Tony Stockwell’s Psychic Studio’, offering courses, lectures and workshops on Mediumship development and other spiritually related subjects.  

Tony has written two highly acclaimed best-selling books, SPIRITED & EMBRACING ETERNITY was published in June 2006.

He has written columns for Spiritual Lifestyles and Lifted magazines, and has appeared in Marie Claire, TV Weekly, Satellite Magazine, London Metro, Scottish Sun and others.

Tony has had three of his own televisions series: The Psychic Detective, Street Psychic and Psychic School, as well as one off specials: Street Psychic San Francisco and The National ESP Challenge. Tony has a regular column in The Psychic News answering readers questions on spiritual matter and psychic development. He has also appeared on The Sixth Sense, Most Haunted Live 4 and The Mystery of Body 115.

 The Avalon Project
In 1999, along with co-founder Stuart Borley, Tony set up the The Avalon Project to promote and encourage spiritual learning, development and understanding. Tony wanted to offer the kind of seminars, workshops, lectures and events that he would have wanted to attend when he, himself, was a developing Medium. The Avalon Project hosts an annual week seminar at The Arthur Findlay College, Stansted Hall, Essex,  attracting people from not only all over Great Britain, but also Europe, Africa, Australia, the USA and Canada.

Well known Shaman - a favourite speaker at South African churches



David Thomson

David Thompson, brings a compelling and thought provoking approach to the world of psychic phenomena. As a Medium he has, over the last twenty years, helped countless with his ability to connect with the World of Spirit, providing evidential proof that a loved ones survive death.

David is one of the Worlds Foremost Direct Voice & Physical (Materialization) Mediums (one of only three known mediums publicly demonstrating).

Davids ability extends from Physical Mediumship to Mental Mediumship (Clairvoyance), Deep Trance and Psychic Surgery. David has touched every walk of life, young, old, famous and royalty giving proof of the continuity of life after physical death. His work has taken him to the UK, USA, Australia, New Zealand, Germany, and Denmark.

 Mediums Directory Canada,  Psychics Directory Canada

 Mediums List Canada,  Psychics List Canada

Shanti Mai

Based in Port Townsend, Washington and Salt Spring Island, British Columbia,
w/ travel to Seattle, Portland, San Francisco and other US cities.
Most of my work is by telephone:  Emotional Healing, Intuitive Counseling

Shanti Mai, Emotional Healing and Intuitive Counseling. My work with the deceased is for the sake of the living,  for their healing, their closure, and to verify that there is still an energy alive in their loved one.  Though my work is not generally clairvoyant, the deceased do often show me something which has the above effect for those grieving their loss. 

 For full-name testimonials and more information, see   Most of my work is by telephone.  My in-person availability is kept updated on my website and also sent to those on my email list.                             

Call toll-free for an appointment:  888-321-1981   or Email:


 Mediums Directory Europe,  Psychics Directory Europe

 Mediums List Europe,  Psychics List Europe



Tmmy Christensenn

I was born in Copenhagen in the year 1959. I grew up in Canada and came back to Denmark in 1969. I was born a sensitive and as far back as I remember I could feel the spirits around me. I have also always been able to know things that would happen.I was born in Copenhagen in the year 1959. I grew up in Canada and came back to Denmark in 1969. I was born a sensitive and as far back as I remember I could feel the spirits around me. I have also always been able to know things that would happen.
I am educated as a Photographic  mechanic but have for many years worked in the IT business.
I had been a single parent for to daughters in many years, they are now grownups with there own children.  I am now married to Andrea, who is the woman I have been looking for.
Since the year 2000 I have constantly been training and developing myself In different Circles and on my own.
In the same period of time i have been teaching my skills in circles and lectures in and out of Denmark.
My focus has been with healing, contact with the dead and trance,  but have also achieved to gather a big knowledge with many other things in the field of Mediumship..
My own development has taken place in England and Denmark, and last but not least from the spirit world that constantly teaches me.
I do not work for the Spirit World for fame or riches. I know I work for the Spirits and that they have a finger in everything I do. I have a big love for them and I am always excited to see what their next move in my development is.
They have chosen that I should work with trance and teaching Spirit are very interested to show every one that they exist and I know for this because I am a spiritual tool for them.
What I and my Spirit helpers do is to show everyone the fantastic possibilities you have with altered states.

Tommy Christensen

2765 Smørum


Tlf +45 - 26 42 65 46

CVR 30 12 95 98

Please look at

Study from filmed Ectoplasm 2013

December 29, 2013 on YOUTUBE

barbara Soblewski Garcia
Barbara Soblewski GarciaBarbara Soblewski Garcia

Medium Ernest VanDenBossche

Linda Dickinson
Endwell, NY 13760
Phone: (607) 785-4059

Linda has a remarkable ability to communicate with the Spirit World and has been doing so for over 25 years. She is both a Psychic (providing information about your past, present and future) and a Medium (communicating with loved ones who have passed over to the Other

My name is Terri Clemens, and I am a Spiritual Medium.

I have the ability to connect with spirits in the afterlife. It can be very comforting to know that our loved ones who have passed on are ok.

PO BOX 6881,   Spring Hill, Florida,   34611
Please Include Your Email Address!

In Person Readings:
If you are in the vicinity of Spring Hill, Florida, you may be interested in an in-person reading.
Please e mail me for more information.

There are many variables involved in the art of Mediumship and no Medium connects 100% of the time.

If I fail to connect with a Spirit you recognize, I will return your payment, or we can meet again at another time.

The choice is always yours! I hold myself to the highest ethical standards and I want you to be comfortable

with this before your reading.

Thank you for calling in.

May your God go with you, ALWAYS.




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Odette Gibson, Oliver Lodge, O Oshinbolu,

 P A Dickin, Pam Blakemore, Patrick Joseph World, Particia Putt, Patrick Gamble, Patrick Gower, Pat Jeffery,  Patrick Williams, Paul Dean, Paul Jacobs, Paul Hunt, Pauline Silver, Paul Powell, Paul Sandbach, P Bradshaw, P Coulthurst, P Defoe, P Dixon, P D Morgan, Pete Bradshaw, Pete Keeffe, P Hind Fletcher, P Harding, Philena Bruce, Phil Evans, Philip Griffin, Philip Holden, P Hill, Phyllis Light, P Imms, Pip Griffin, P Pickford, P Smith, P Stewart, P Tomlinson,

 R A Little, Ralph Waldo Emerson, Ray Brown, R Benson, R Bispham, R C Burridge, R Chubb,  R Clark, R Dawson, R Easton, Reg Baldwin, Regina Milbourne , Rev. Catherine Morris, Rev Peggy Ray, R Flanigan, R Hedges, Richard Stibbles, Rita Goold, R Holland, Rhonda Chaikin, R Jackman, R. Jones, R Kelly, R Lawrence, R Murray, R Myatt, Robert Allen Fahey, Robert Brown, Robert Evans, Robin P Foy, Roddy Nicholson, Ron Jordan, Ron Mackenzie, Rowena Hardwick, Roz Chissick, R Thompson,  R Turner, Rudi Schneider,

 S A Bagnall, S A Brightley,  Sally Enness, Sally Harding, Sally Louise Firth, Sally Taylor, Sally Watkins, Sandra Baker, Sandra Steinke, Sandy Ingerman, Sarah Pickles, Sarah Tyler-Walters, S Biddle, S Brownlee, S Buckington, S Caulfield, S F Gerard,  S Hamilton, Shanti Mai, Sharon Caulder, Sharon May, Satya Sai Baba, Shepard, Sherry Kauppi, Shirley Anne Hunter, Simone Key, Simon Bacon, Simon Cartwright, Simon Goodfellow, Simon James, S M Bennett, S Moss, S Murray, Sonia Choquette,  Sonya Fitzpatrick, S Rogers, S Sahota, Stainton Moses,  Stanely De Brath, Stanislawa Tomczyk, S Taylor, Stevenson,  Stella Cranshaw, Stella Upton, Stephanie Tighe, Stephanie Tighe, Stephen J. Wakeling,  Stephen Goold, Stephen O'Brien, Stephen Wakeling, Stephen Ward, Steve Freeman, Steven Upton, Stewart Alexander, Stewart Keeys, Stuart Borley, Subbayaya Pullavar, Sue Harper, Sue Knock, Sue Rowlands, Sue Smith, Sue Spencer, Susan Friday, Su Wood, Suzane Northrop, Swami D Saraswati, S Ward, S Wright, Sylvia Browne,

 Tana Hoy, Terence M. Hamilton-Morris, Terri Clemens, Terry Di`Angelo, Terry Harnett, Terry Porter, T Gough, Thelma Francis, T Hitchman, T Hodge, Thomas Merton, Tim Abbott, Tim Robinson, Tina Lynn Wilkerson, T Kesterton, T Lawson Smith, T Johnson, T M Love Lee, T Noble, Tom McCrory, Tommy Christensen, Tom Rannachan, Toni Rebecca Hunt, Tony Ortzen, Tony Stockwell, Tracey Britton, Tre McCamley, Tristan Rimbaud, T Rutherford, T Young,

 Ultan Devine, Uri Geller,

 Val Powell, Val Williams, V Davies, Vernon Overlee, V Illman, V Pearson, V Tomlinson, V Walker,

 Warren Caylor, W A Sheehan, W Carr, Wendy Corsi Staub, W Fletcher, W. H. Harrison, White Eagle, W Hunter, Wilfred Watts, William Charles Cadwell, William Eglinton,  William Hewitt, William Hope, Willi Schneider, W Nedderman, W Rattigan, W Storey, W Ross,

Y Squires, Yvonne Saint,

 Zoe Courtenay



Certified, Mediums List,

Cassadaga Spiritualist Camp,

In the U.S.A.,


Mediums Directory USA,

 Rev. Stephen G. Adkins, (386) 228-2534,

 Rev. Patricia Aubrey-Carpenter, (386) 228-0091, 

Rev. Phoebe-Rose Bergin, (386) 228-2472,

 Rev. Thomas Berkner, (386) 228-0067,

 Hazel West Burley, (386) 228-3826,

 Harry Byard, (321) 460-0352,

 Eddie Canada, (407) 549-5582,

 Rev. Ben Cox, (352) 255-4873,

Lawrence Damasio, (386) 228-0435,

 Rev. Diane Davis, (386) 228-0879,

William Deep,  (386) 473-6842,

 Dr. Suzanne DeWees, (386) 747-0574 

 Nellie Edwards, (386) 228-0168,

 Fran Ellison, (386) 228-3246,

 Anita Evans,  (386) 228-2967,

 Rev. Jerry Frederich, (386) 228-2828,

 Dr. Louis Gates,, (931) 762 7086,

Rev. Mary Rose Gray, (386) 228-3955,

 Kathy Groseclose Info   Cassadaga:

(386) 228-2583,or,(386) 837-3676,or,(386) 774-8458,

 Rev. Sandra Helton, (386) 228-0688,

Barbara Joy Hines, (386) 228-2713,

Dr. Warren Hoover, (386) 837-1368,

 Rev. Robert Johnstone , (386) 473-2555,

 Rev. Maeda Jones, (386) 668-5560,

Rev. Lori Kelly, (386) 228-0245,

Georgie Kern, (386) 228-3338,

Mathew Landon, (386) 228-2820,

 Judy Neuman, (386) 228-0324,

 Rev. Iona Osborne, (386) 785-4629,or, (386) 789-0464,

 Rev. Elizabeth "Janie" Owens, (386) 822-6941,

 Joan Piper, (386) 228-0435,

 Rev. Margaret Schmidt, (386) 228-2222,

 Rev. June Schmitt, (386) 228-0335,

Rev. Arlene Sikora, (386) 228-3864, Daytona: (386) 615-0511,

Trish Smith  (386) 212-6928,

Rev. Jean Sourant, (386) 228-2655,

 Rev. Nick Sourant, (386) 228-2655,

Dr. James Thomas,  (386) 228-0910,

 Hazel Tomim, (386) 228-2483,

 Victor Vogenitz,   Seance Medium, (386) 228-4000,

 Rev. Dorothy Wegelin, (386) 228-0791,

 Irma Wilkes, (386) 228-4007,

 Peggy Wilkes-Adkins, (386) 228-2534, (386) 801-7760

Marie Wilson-Gates. (931) 762 7086.

Rev. Don Zanghi



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