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  Donald Dunglas Home

Daniel Dunglas Home

 Currie, Scotland, 1833 to 1886

Perhaps the most remarkable of all Physical Mediums, and certainly the most intriguing, was Daniel Dunglas Home. He flourished in the latter half of the nineteenth century, and was probably the only well-known Medium never to be detected in trickery. Although he came from a quite humble Scottish home, he possessed definite social qualities. Soulful, sensitive, and consumptive, he had just the right air about him to provide a graceful mystery in the fashionable salons. He never accepted a direct fee, but spent a large part of his life staying in other people's houses, the apotheosis of the man who came to dinner. In return for entertaining seances, hospitality and gifts were showered upon him. His hosts became more and more distinguished until, at the height of his fame, he could justly claim to be on intimate terms with several European monarchs. Through the good offices of the Czar himself, Home married a Russian lady of noble birth, and Alexandre Dumas was his best man.

Even more remarkable than his meteoric social progress were the phenomena that Home produced. Whatever their explanation, they were radically different from the usual easily recognizable frauds, and there has been nothing like them before or since. In Home's presence, very heavy Victorian furniture rocked and floated in the air, hands materialized and travelled round the circle of sitters, an accordion wafted along playing of its own accord without anyone touching it, and red glowing coals were handled without hurt. These things sometimes happened in a fair light and were witnessed by a roomful of sitters. Take, for example, the testimony of the 25th Earl of Crawford, published in 1953(9). In a long letter to a relative, he describes in detail a seance with Home that took place in Florence during 1856. He gives an account of the personalities who were present, and it is in the last degree improbable that anyone among them was the medium's accomplice. During the seance the room was lit by a bright oil-lamp. The sitters and the Medium were ranged round a heavy table, all except the writer, who remained outside the Circle so as not to be influenced by suggestion. The table, the chairs, the floor, and even the china at the far end of the room, all vibrated. He looked under the table, but saw nothing suspicious. Immediately after this the table rose into the air to a height of about four feet and remained so whilst he had another look underneath. On another occasion, after a seance in the same house, when the Earl of Crawford's brother-in-law, Robert Lindsay, was present, a levitation occurred under circumstances which make it astounding. The company, including the Medium, were sitting round the fire having tea when a table at the far end of the room rose up three feet and plunged about. Despite the violent movement, the loose slab of marble that formed the table top, and a pencil and paper that lay upon it, remained undisturbed. So strong was the levitating force that, when Robert Lindsay approached the table and tried to push it back to the ground, he had to exert his utmost strength before he could succeed.

(9) Dingwall, E. L, 'Psychological Problems arising from a Report of Telekinesis', Brit. Journ. Psychology (General Section), xliv, 1953, pp. 61-6


London. U.K. 1911  to  1994

Said to be one of the most tested Direct Voice Mediums of recent times, he had been boxed up, gagged, tied up sealed up, bound and held and the voices of the Spirit World still came through him he must have been put through something, a remarkable man. This site is for those who want to explore more about the physical Mediumship, a very good site worth a browse. On his site and some of the other links there are audio transcripts of Leslies seances that where lovingly recorded over many years.

Here is a quote from the man himself.

I am a Medium, I have a rare gift known as the independent direct voice. I do not speak in trance, I need no trumpets or other paraphernalia. The voices of the dead speak directly to their friends or relatives and are located in a space a little above my head and slightly to one side of me. They are objective voices which my sitters can record on their own tape recorders to play later in the privacy of their own homes. Sometimes those who speak from beyond the grave achieve only a whisper, hoarse and strained, at other times they speak clearly and fluently in voices recognizably their own during life.

I do my work by sitting wide awake in total darkness with other people. I know I have learnt more about life and people and human problems and emotions by sitting in the dark than I could possibly have learnt in any other way, and those who have taught me the most are people who, dead to this world, are living in the next.

Taken from Voices in the Dark, Leslie Flint's autobiography.

You might be wondering, what is Independent Direct Voice?

It is a process which is activated directly by Spirit communicators, and voices can be almost identical to people's voices before making transition to the Spirit World.

Depending on the strength the energy, Spirit may be able to build an ectoplasmic voice box in mid air. Voices are then heard by all present. This is different from Spirit speaking through the larynx of an entranced medium.

Mr Flint did not need a trumpet to produce any Spirit voice as most Physical mediums use. As is usual the seances were conducted in the dark. BUT what is unusual Leslie was awake [not in a trance state] all the time the voice was being produced. It is said he told the sitters where the voice was coming from in the dark e.g. it is above my head, it is at the side of me. this is the reason for the amount of testing that all sorts of scientists did with the Medium.

The main Link with the Spirit World was through a helper who was a boy of  11. Mickey was killed in an accident in 1910 in Camden Town London. He was said to be always cheerful and lively brightening up the seances and sometimes turning on the unsuspecting with his sharp cockney wit. The many friends and relations of the sitters as well as famous people and friends from the other side, that the sitters did not know personally, came through many times speaking with their own recognizable voice.  The voices most times were strong in volume BUT there were times when the strength of the energy was such that the voices came through with a hoarse croaking sound and sometimes as a whisper. 

When tests were done with Mr Leslie Flint, he was often bound in a chair and his mouth sealed with tape. Some people said he was using ventriloquism but this was disproved my the testers placing a throat microphone on his neck and no vibrations of the vocal cords what so ever were detected. If any light suddenly interfered with the experiments, it was said Leslie had a shock to the mid drift area like a kick from a mule.

There are photographs of Leslie in the dark taken with an infra red light and it shows a ball of mist [an etheric amplifier, a so called voice box] is formed by him. The Spirit World explains this saying to produce this they have concentrate their thoughts, this is then transferred into audible vibrations within this etheric amplifier so people on the earth plane can hear their thoughts in speech form. Leslie did demonstrations all over the world in front of many hundreds and thousands of ordinary people who were comforted by the knowledge that life continues after we part this earthly plane.

Leslie was born in a gifted Salvation Army house in Hackney. he was brought up by his grandmother after his father was killed in the war and his mother ran away with a theatre group never to be seen again. When he was very young [what he remembered, about 6 or 7] the Spirit World started making themselves known to him appearing in solid form in his Grandmas house. Once he was in the cinema watching a silent film and the Spirit World started talking to him there, and as it was more than a whisper he had to leave as the other cinema goers kept on telling him to stop the talking.

Leslie Flint death has no end.  web site

 Helen Duncan

Helen Duncan

Dundee. U.K. 1897 to 1956

When the press started the smears, any story was made up and their were a lot of people who were willing to stand on their heads to denounce the ways of any seance, which they were indoctrinated by their religions into believing was evil.  Thankfully not as we know now, that it is natural for a Physical Medium to be used in such a manner as it is only proving to us all that life continues after our so called death.

What is it the press say :   Never let the truth stand in the way of a good story.

 Helen Duncan sat for the London Psychic Laboratory, the research department of the London Spiritual Alliance. a great many times. These were followed in the psychic press by an eager public. In these scrutinized seances Helen produced massive quantities of ectoplasm at each planned and tested gathering. a lot of specimens were obtained by the scientists for analysis, human figures of adults and children appeared clothed by the ectoplasm,  also movements of objects beyond the reach of Helen were observed within each controlled situation Mrs Duncan was placed nude into a sleeved sack with stiff buckram fingerless gauntlets sewn to the sleeves of her suit. The sack was then sewn in at the back and fastened with tapes and cords to the chair. At the end of the sitting the Medium was often found outside the bag, the seals, tapes and the stitching remaining intact. But as the wider press got wind of the seances that were being monitored and there were no fraud at all to be seen, they started a smear campaign. [what should be realised here, is the press was mainly owned by alleged God fearing people who went to church throughout the week and every Sunday, and the priest had control over their flock at this time]. This is when the politicians and the authorities took notice of what was happening around Helens séances even though a lot had been to many a seance but had not said so publicly, they needed the peoples votes and the authorities had to keep quiet.

If you think this is a bit far fetched. Look at the instance of Mrs Helen Duncan and the way she died through the hands of the Christian authorities in England. She was deliberately hounded by them from the 1930's until she died. But through all this Helen never stopped working hard for Spirit, sadly always in constant fear of her seances being interrupted, yet she carried on until the last one where the police again broke into her seance, and caused chaos which ultimately killed her. Please try to read the full stories that are now in print about her life and don't take too much notice of a lot of the negative propaganda on the net. One book about her is "My Living Has Not been In Vain", by Mary Armour, the other one that comes to mind is "Two Worlds of Helen Duncan" by Gena Brealey and Kay Hunter. 

Here is a photograph taken during one of her seances where Mrs Duncan is producing a human form, which is formed by the production of ectoplasm.

In 1956 Helen Duncan the Physical Medium, was severely injured and consequently died by the deliberate, forced intervention by the police into one of her Physical Materialisation seances.
A seance was being held in a private room upstairs in a Nottingham chiropodist’s home, the police forced entry gave a massive shock to Helen who was in the cabinet, in an unconscious Trance State, and producing ectoplasm (so "Albert" her guide, who would come through, could [he was talking through Helen at the time of the break up of the seance] talk to the audience through Independent Direct Voice box before the Materialisation started). Helen was deathly grey, unconscious and bleeding from the mouth when the police carried her out of the cabinet into the bedroom and laid her flat out on a bed. The doctor was called, the police at first wanted to take Helen down to the police station, the doctor refused to let them, so the police wanted him to strip her and examine her for masks and muslin cloth in ALL her orifices even in the state she was in. She was also in great pain the police again asked the doctor to come down to the station with her, the doctor again refused. They again tried to insist on taking her down to the police station, the doctor said "I will have no part of it, she is in deep shock," "Can t you see she is dying." "She is a diabetic and has a heart problem." "If you move her she will die." She died thirty-six days later, I now believe as a direct result of that massive shock to her human body system. I can see this death was caused by internal bleeding and psychic burns, knowing what I do now.
All because Helen Duncan was using her gift/powers from God, the Divine Spirit to comfort people and it was in conflicted with the establishment

Go to these link to find out more about her.

Helen Duncan Interesting article by John G Sutton

Helen Duncan Article from the Survivalist Society

Helen Duncan The BBC's article

Helen Duncan and other women accused of witchcraft

Helen Duncan Historic UK article a very good detailed article


 Fanny Higginson

Stoke on Trent. U.K. 1889 to 1978

The person who trained Gordon Higginson.

Fanny Higginson first put her foot across the threshold of Longton Church as a 14 year old teenager at first only coming as a curious visitor but after receiving a message while she was there that her mother was here with her and her auntie who she had accompanied to the demonstration of the Medium Annie Brittain, she got upset and said her mother was at home and did not accept the message but Mrs Brittain insisted that Fanny's Mother was in Spirit and had passed away while Fanny and her auntie where at the church service and she was told that her, Fanny, would be working at this Longton church for the rest of her years, and it will all begin a little later on, then you will become as I am, a Medium, working on the very platform I am working from. Fanny went home and found that the Medium Annie Brittain was accurate in what she said so Fanny started attending the church and was instructed in the art of Mediumship as was her auntie. They both became good Mediums. Fanny was told early on by another Medium before she was married she would have a son who would follow her into Mediumship and travel the world as a famous Medium.

Fanny sitting in the church Circles in her teenage years was doing well in her development, by the time she was twenty her Mediumistic powers had developed. She got married had three boys and a girl, Gordon being the last. Fanny stayed at Longton Church from the time she stepped foot in the church then continued in Longton throughout her life as a working Medium until she got very frail.

Fanny could have become very famous in her own right if she had used her great talent but instead she chose to remain by the side of her son, who she was going make sure he was not going to stray away from his chosen pathway. I was told by Sally Harding that she use to get chased away by Fanny when she was playing with him and Gordon was locked in the church and told to stay there and talk to Spirit; then two hours later she would pick him up and take him home.

Gordon told me he had to stand facing the wall for over an hour linking with Spirit and give messages from the information he was getting from Spirit.

Longton church is a little homely place in the Potteries, newly rebuilt in a slightly different place because of the new A50 road going through Longton. 


 Gordon Mons Higginson

Stoke on Trent. U.K. 1918 to 1993

I feel very very sad that the fact hardly anything has been written in book form about this extraordinary man Gordon Higginson and very little was collated to bring to the notice of the general public the true facts about the phenomena this man produced. Unfortunately Gordon and I only met a few times and saw him demonstrate clairvoyance in Liverpool Daulby St. Spiritualist Church and I saw him at Stansted a few times. I have tried to get as much information about him from the people who sat with him for the decades in his home Circle, sadly a person who has now written a book about him had been there before and after seeing the book, all people of that Home Circle refused to say anything about Gordon to me only saying the book is of no person we knew; it is not the Gordon that we knew from cradle to the grave and we gave this person details and yet very little of what we told her went into the book.

I did manage to speak to his sister one afternoon, but unfortunately she was very very deaf. What she did say during the cups of tea and biscuits was "There was many a time after the seance here finished I saw that cane table walk back into the corner of the room on its own without anyone touching it [she was pointing to a light weight, wicker type, cane table about 2 1/2 feet tall and about  1 1/2 to 2 feet across]. THAT IS genuine physical phenomena with a table, none of this hands on top and rocking it.

Gordon many times produced ectoplasm while walking down the isle of chairs at either side of him in Stansted Hall library. This is where a lot of his public seances were held. A lot of happy and comforted relations whose loved ones in the Spirit World were reunited by the Mediumship of Gordon when the ectoplasm formed those in the Spirit World as a human form. His teaching and Mental Mediumship was second to none I have yet to come across. The nearest I have come to hearing someone of his caliber is Gerard Smith from Stoke on Tent, who was incidentally taught by Gordon.

Their mother Fanny Higginson was a very strict woman especially with her last born child Gordon  She was told years before he was born that she was going to have a son that was going to be a very famous Medium.

At a very early age Gordon used to mess around on the steps and sit outside the Longton Spiritualist church where the gathering of Mediums were having a seance. At 2-3 years of age he was sitting in Fanny's Home Circle. Lots of times Gordon and Sally Harding who were little friends growing up together were dragged into the seance room and told to sit quiet while the seance continued.

Gordon while at junior school was being taught by Fanny to give messages, and they were getting very accurate when he was about the age of 10. At the age of about 11-12 his mother allowed him to get up on the platform demonstrating Mental Mediumship in the company of other Mediums as support, from there he went all around the country even in some of the largest halls available. We are told he was then becoming very famous and started traveling the World. What I found out he always returned to the constant developing and continuing Physical Circle each week never missing that special day no matter where he was, and he expected everyone to do the same even expecting them to come home from holiday and not miss one week. That is what everyone should do if they want to be as good as Gordon was. All of his venues were always packed that is how good he was, as was his home church when he regularly demonstrated his gift to them and take the services.

Gordon was the president of the Spiritualist National Union and Head of the college for the years 1970-1993.

He absolutely loved Stansted Hall Essex U.K. and always said it was like coming home. If you ever go there you will know what he meant.

Longton Church in Stoke on Trent UK were very lucky to have two wonderful hard working Mediums as members in their church and they  benefited from years of service from Fanny and Gordon Higginson.

Gordon has sat as the Medium in seances for royalty but never spoke about it publicly. But many a time at Stansted in his lectures he spoke of Prince Charles as being the catalyst for change in the attitude of many in the main religions of this country.

Gordon the Medium the man with vision

Born Michel de Nostradame


St Remy France  1503  to 1566

Here is one Medium unfortunately you cannot have a reading from he is the famous Seer of the 1530's, Nostrodamus. This portrait was crafted by his son. The man himself was noted for writing in four lined rhymes to try and fool the authorities of the time, these were called "quatrains", He foretold the future by looking into a bowl of water which was underneath a tripod. (I go into more detail how he did it in "Meditation Oneness").

Mediums and Sensitives of this time and up until the 1950's were always in fear of being branded as sorcerers and people who dabbled in witchcraft. The church at the time had such a strangle hold over peoples minds that most lived in fear of the priests, this applied no matter how high up the social ladder they were.    more to be added later







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