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Every Spiritualist Church throughout the world generally has a group of approved Spiritual Healers linking with the Spirit World, who are waiting at an allotted time to help people with their ailments at least once a week. Please do not think healing is all in the mind, I assure you the healing energy, the strength of the power of the healer from the Spirit World DOES come through the Medium and help those who are infirmed. You only have to look at the reactions of an animal who has healing, there is no mind over matter there, and it is seen time and time again good beneficial results.


 Arthur Findlay College
If you would like to go to the Arthur Findlay College and stay a day or so for your healing, you are very welcome to book into the main building of Stansted Hall and stay in the plentiful comfortable accommodation. The college has within its tranquil grounds a purpose built healing sanctuary next to the spiritual sanctuary, which is used for services on Wednesdays and Sundays throughout the year. The beautiful healing sanctuary was built from monies left in a will by the late Mr Wandless who was in the friends of The Arthur Findlay College who also contributed to the healing centre fund.

You may help the healing process by being positively minded. Spiritualist's and many other spiritually aware people believe that thoughts are a powerful force and, therefore, positive thought can go a long way towards helping the healing energies. If you adopt an enthusiastic, hopeful frame of mind and expect the desired results then the healing process will often be accelerated.

Healing is administered by the simple acts such as, the laying on of hands, or the direction of thoughts from a distance. SNU Healing does not involve massage or manipulation.

You should continue to consult you doctor even if you are receiving Spiritual Healing. It may be necessary for you to take certain medications and follow the doctor's advice for your particular condition. By receiving both medical and Spiritual Healing you will receive the best treatment from both sources. The aim of every SNU Healer is to work in co-operation with the medical profession and not to replace the doctor.

To find a Spiritualist healer near to you then visit your local Spiritualist church, or search for a local healer on our register of approved healers or, if you still cannot find one of our healers close by, then please contact the Office Administrator of the Healing Committee at :-

The Healing Office
36 Newmarket
Otley LS21 3AE
Tel: 01943 468476 or 461042
If writing then please send a stamped addressed envelope for a reply.

On the page link below, there is a very long list of Healers which is split up in different regions across the country in the U.K. and some overseas, there is bound to be a Healer near you.. These dedicated people who are registered by the S.N.U. must abide by their very good, strict codes of conduct. Most Spiritualist churches throughout the world have a group of Healers ready to help.

 Harry Edwards Healing Centre

Click onto the link below and you will be welcomed at
The Sanctuary at Burrows Lea: The Home of Spiritual Healing.
The Sanctuary, also known as The Harry Edwards Healing Sanctuary, was founded in 1946 by the world renowned Spiritual Healer Harry Edwards and is based at Burrows Lea in Shere, near Guildford, Surrey, UK. Burrows Lea is a magnificent Victorian country house set in 30 acres of stunning Surrey countryside.
People visit Burrows Lea for Spiritual Healing, to sit quietly for prayer, meditation or to unwind. It is a unique venue for weddings, conferences and retreats, also offering luxurious hotel accommodation. The Sanctuary is a place in which people find a renewal of spiritual and emotional strength and a sense of inner peace - achieving a more balanced attitude. Troubles are reduced to their proper proportions.
Burrows Leas 30 acres of peaceful gardens and woodland overlook the glorious Surrey countryside, providing a sense of beauty and calm. A stroll through these gardens and adjoining woods refreshes and nurtures the mind, body and soul. Open throughout the year
tel: 0870 389 2054      int: +44(0)1483 202054

National Federation of Spiritual Healers

NFSH, National Federation of Spiritual Healers, is a Registered Charity and the largest membership organisation of Spiritual Healers in the UK, with over 5000 members. It was founded over 50 years ago.

NFSH provides training for those who wish to become Spiritual Healers and accepts into Membership those who meet the organisation's standards. The Charity has over 50 Healing Centres throughout the UK, staffed by volunteers, where Healing is available to the public on a regular basis, and runs a Referral Register of qualified Healer Members.
Spiritual Healing is a natural energy therapy. It complements conventional medicine by treating the whole person - mind, body and spirit. Spiritual Healers act as a conduit for healing energy, often described as love and light which relaxes the body, releases tensions and stimulates self-healing. The benefits of healing can be felt on many levels, not just the physical, and the effects can be profound.
Surrey Spiritual Healers Association

U.K. Healers

This healing organisation was formed because their were so many organisations trying to have there own rules of how healing should be done and separately put forward their own ideas to the European commission against the general medical profession who were trying to have their own way and stop alternative medicine of any kind including Healing. The bringing together all different bodies of Healers who abide by a structured has been a good thing and now you can find certified healers on their lists.

Office Hours are 9am to 5pm Monday to Friday except bank holidays.
Telephone  0113 2741028
FAX    01943 468476
Postal address    UK Healers, PO BOX 207, Leeds LS16 5WX
Email    Secretary:
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Elaine (Sari) Edlin

Newark/Lincoln Area

International Medium/Healer also featured in Eva/Best/Channel 4 TV, Horse & Hounds magazines and more recently Sunday/Daily Express. To find out more, visit my website, affirmations, testimonies and healing book etc.

I am happy to make home visits within reasonable travelling distance, but expenses for travel have to be paid for.
I am a natural gifted Healing Medium and Clairvoyant Medium.
Love light and blessings Elaine S, also known as Sari.  



I am a Spiritual Healer, I help people to achieve their highest potential through targeted energy healing, clearing and balancing which specifically addresses and helps you eliminate the negative thoughts, feelings and attitudes that have built up throughout your life.
Distant Healing
Distant healing is an ancient human activity still widely practiced throughout the world today. Over thousands of years human beings have developed a rich blend of distant healing practices, some traditional, some exotic, from prayer to shamanic rituals to compassionate intention meditations.

 I am Tom Jackson, a Shaman, Healer and a Medium. My wife, Kjersti, is a Nature Therapist and a Shamanist. Littlemoonriver is a place where to come and get healing, to relax, meditate and to find yourself and your inner-self. People sometimes reach a point in their lives when they feel lost or lack energy. Littlemoonrivers motto is  what ever you do in life do it from your heart . Think positively and not negatively. Find your balance , being in balance is an IMPORTANT thing.

Littlemoonriver come about in a vision in one of Bergens long tunnels after one workshop weekend about the  Medicine Wheel in December 2005. The choice to follow  The RED PATH  was already made earlier, but The Red Path lead us to Rendalen, Hedemark which was surprising . Especially after we found out about Tron Mountain., which we can see from Littlemoonriver, Tron Mountain is known as the Mountain of Truth .

Tom & Kjersti Jackson

0047 9931 5553


The Shamanic Wild Rose Dreamers Lodge is a centre for the study and practice of esoteric healing and psychology, energy work, spiritual astrology and prophecy, metaphysics, and flowering tree and other shamanic ceremonial rituals.   Magickal (white magick) exploration of  universal and planetary energies, integrating unconditional love and sacred intent, is the focus of the lodge.

Led by Dance Chief  Lyn, Starflyer, Hopkins, the lodge holds classes on shamanism, conducts vision quest  and  sweat lodge ceremonies, drum team gatherings, and Eagle Dream Dances.  We also design and conduct shamanic healing rituals and ceremonies as needed for  particular occasions. 

Our current intent is to assist in the fulfilment of sacred prophecy for the Age of Enlightenment and to consciously sculpt the New Dream.  We desire to be present for Brothers and Sisters interested in expanding their consciousness through the study of shamanism.  Then, drawing upon the wisdom and  skills of the Rainbow Light Warrior within, they may be enabled to summon the white magick of personal power,  healing, light and love to self, one another and to Grandmother Earth.  

Ours is an inter-faith group that embraces all religions, with the intent to expand our knowledge of shamanism that we may better comprehend our personal, sacred and collective dreams as well as the dream of Grandmother Earth.  Not only do we embrace the Twisted Hair Teachings, but we also include spiritual and magickal jewels from many paths in a harmonious tapestry of philosophy, science, metaphysics, astrology, white magick, the esoteric, occult, and anything else that serves our desire to know more about the sacred Light path of shamanism.

Three experienced people here to help others in the USA, comfortable site.

Lyn, Starflyer, Hopkins,  Shama, Cht, CDC, TDE,   Walter Helbig,


Reiki, Different Methods of Healing, American Indian, Shamanic, African Witch Doctors, Huna, Smudging, Chinese, List of Healing Mediums, Healing List, and anything else people suggest to be added. Please post to me any sites that would be relevant for information, even your own. If I think I can use it on this site I will. I will always place a link near the information or on the links page if suitable as a thanks, and hope you will kindly do the same for my websites.

All continued on

Thank you for calling in.

May your God go with you, ALWAYS.




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