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I think a small explanation of this most wonderful of things should be put here, as the dictionaries/encyclopaedias I have read, do not seem to know what it really is. The other names of this unusual substance has been used in the past are spiritplasm, teleplasm, ideoplasm, psychoplasm and now the modern common term ectoplasm.

Ectoplasm is a substance that every living thing has a part of to some degree or other, some more than others (as is the situation of Physical Mediums). It is a life force, a power, an energy part of the human [the Medium] (look at the TV programmes on DNA. DNA has a wispy thread like structure. Could it be that Spirit is using that part of the Medium?).

Ectoplasm is said to be developed and increased by a chemical mixture made by the Spirit chemists, then taking and adding some chemicals from the human body, the linked-developed Physical Medium, whether they are a natural or long time meditation developed Medium, and also from sitters of the Circle if necessary, [sometimes building the human form and its clothing with the help of the material things around in the room e.g. something from the fabric of clothing and materials also something at times from the solid things there] and some chemicals from the world of the higher vibration level, Spirit, to produce a substance that can enable an in-between link [I was going to say visual but sometimes ectoplasm is not visible] that can be accepted by both the earth vibration plane and the Spirit higher vibration plane. We are told by Spirit this is not all the mixture of the ectoplasm as it is mixed with the etheric part of the air (or nature, that which is all around us] that is breathed into the Medium s nose to the hairs, where the hairs act as a filter and the ether is collected at the root of the nose of the Medium and formulated there by Spirit being connected to the Medium as a link. The Medium has to accept and give permission to Spirit within their thought to allow Spirit for it to happen. Being subservient. The Medium acting as a catalyst, as most people know a catalyst is a thing used in a chemical reaction without which the end result would not be achieved, but at the end of the experiment is in the same condition as when started. That is the theory. What should be taken into consideration is the human who is being used is not in a test tube so all sorts of things could and on occasions do go wrong because of unforeseen and some deliberate acts of unkindness, wilfulness, nastiness and evil doings on the part of others. So take care who you sit with and where you sit for the production of Physical Phenomena.

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 ECTOPLASM is manipulated by Spirit using the sympathetic nervous system of the Medium, the nerve endings and starting points of them which are ultimately connected to the brain of the Medium. This is why the Mediums feel anything at all that is done in the way of harm to the Ectoplasm. If another person touches the ectoplasm being produced by a Medium, it is as though the person touches very, very raw flesh of the Medium and the Medium can be hurt as a consequence. Dangerous Psychic shock can occur.

Ectoplasm can come in different forms

SOLID in the way of psychic rods that can lift heavy object, tables, people and the trumpet. Often described as having grippers attached to the end of the rods [see photographs in Meditation Oneness]. It would seem the ectoplasm has different formation depending on the spiritual level of the Spirit link.

 MATERIAL LIKE, as in cloth, in the way of forming a human form over a Thought Form from the World of Spirit. Can be seen through, or more of a crumpled up appearance, having stronger edges that seem to hold the structure more firm. can slither sitting or across the floor.

 REPTILE LIKE FEEL and WET, but not wet like water. leaving no residue when it vanishes.

The making of the independent voice box (an Etheric Amplifier) in the seance room away from the Medium's own voice box and throat area and the mediums body. Making the voice box (etheric Amplifier) INSIDE the Medium away from the Medium's voice box and throat area, in the chest or stomach areas.

Making of the Spirit mask on or near the Transfiguration Medium. Some are said to have the mask of a person who is Spirit formed about twenty inches away from the face. Manipulating and moulding the face to that of Spirit onto the Transfiguration Medium. 

Depending on the Medium and what they eat, ectoplasm can be brittle and it crackles; or can be cold and damp. The best conditions for ectoplasm to be in for its use in Physical Phenomena are said to be when it is supple and dry to the touch.

 SEMI-LIQUID and LIQUID having been described by sitters as hitting them in the face as rain, and it has been seen as spots falling onto a smooth surface. Some describe it as being jelly like.

VAPOUR. This has been photographed when a Medium has been in a cabinet, and the vapour/mist/smoke-like substance has formed around them. (I have seen this many times in Development Circles in red light). There have also been a great many photographs taken by ordinary people in a very varied circumstances where ectoplasm has shown up on their film, also the vapour has in some instances formed faces of people on the processed film this seems to happen when nothing has been seen by people around with their physical eyes. BUT be careful of confusing ectoplasm on the photographs with psychic energy and mist forming, as in fog/water vapour formation.

GAS (invisible) can be described here as the unusual smell of recognition of a loved one by their cigarette, aftershave, perfume, pipe tobacco, or bodily smell, etc. Remember also there are some terrible smells that can come out of  the human body, from the stomach area and the lower orifices, it can be the same when ectoplasm is formed. Quite often it is said to be odourless but in some Physical Circles the smell of the ectoplasm is said to be of a dank musty smell, so expect it.


1850  to  1935

I will finish this page with a few quotes from this eminent research scientists book

Thirty Years of Psychical Research  by  Charles Richet , PhD.

A 626 page volume from the 1913 Nobel Laureate for physiology covering many areas of psychic research - Cryptesthesia, the diving rod, metapsychics in animals, premonitions, telekinesis, levitations, bilocations, hauntings, and ectoplasmic materializations.

There is ample proof that experimental materialization (ectoplasmic) should take definite rank as a scientific fact. Assuredly we do not understand it. It is very absurd, if a truth can be absurd.

Spiritualists have blamed me for using this word absurd; and have not been able to understand that to admit the reality of these phenomena was to me an actual pain; but to ask a physiologist, a physicist, or a chemist to admit that a form that has a circulation of blood, warmth, and muscles, that exhales carbonic acid, has weight, speaks, and thinks, can issue from a human body is to ask of him an intellectual effort that is really painful.

Yes, it is absurd; but no matter - it is true

The task is a hard one; the phenomena being unusual, scientists and the public have usually rejected them without examination. Nevertheless the facts are facts; they are numerous, authentic, and startling. In the course of this work there will be given instances of these facts so numerous, so precise, and so evidential that I do not see how any unbiased man of science can cast doubt upon all of them if he consents to look into them.


We have read and re-read, studied and analyzed the works written on these subjects, and we declare it vastly improbable, and even impossible, that eminent and upright men such as Sir William Crookes, Sir Oliver Lodge, Reichenbach, A. Russel Wallace, Lombroso, William James, Schiaparelli, F. W. H. Myers, Zollner, A. de Rochas, Ochorowicz, Morselli, Sir William Barrett, Ed Gurney, C. Flammarion, and many others, in spite of their close attention and their scientific knowledge, should all have been duped over and over again a hundred times by tricksters or have been the victims of an astounding credulity. It is not possible that they should all and always have been so blind as not to perceive frauds necessarily gross; so incautious as to form conclusions where no conclusion was legitimately possible; and so unskillful as never to have made a single unexceptionable experiment. A Priori, their experiments deserve careful consideration and not to be contemptuously rejected.

This is not a matter of the opinions of the crowd, which are of no importance; they are the opinions of scientists, who imagine that they have laid down boundaries that science cannot overpass. These boundaries soon become milestones on the road of progress, as Flammarion remarks. When such men declare that such and such a phenomenon is impossible, they make an unfortunate confusion between what is contradictory of known laws and what is new. This must be emphasized, for it is the cause of disastrous misunderstandings.

Please look at a film

Study from filmed Ectoplasm 2013

December 29, 2013 on YOUTUBE

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