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 MEDITATION for Spiritual Mediumship Development





Contemplation, which people can confuse with meditation; Contemplation is with outer influences; it can be words, anything verbal, pictures within the mind like a guided meditation (which it is not meditation), in music being the notes. Listening to the music instead of trying to still or quieting the mind.

It always surprises me when people say:- I am now going to teach you how to go into the meditation state. The tutor puts on a tape of music to listen to, then asks the group to follow them in a guided meditation, an imaginative walk along the river bank or along the beach. So much for knowledgeable tutoring their subject of meditation.



 Meditation is focused attention. To focus your attention you have to focus on a single point; on a single object; a single note of music, like that of a constantly repeating Tibetan prayer bell note; [BUT NOT A SUDDEN NOTE WHICH COMES OUT OF THE BLUE as this can shock anyone in an altered state and in extreme cases possibly give the person a psychic shock or a heart attack],  a single continuous repeating of the Eternal OOOoommmm; Aaum,  focusing on a single colour; focusing on the Divine Light of Spirit within the minds eye. This is more so if you would like to progress on into the meditative state then going into the trance state to let Spirit develop you. Spirit needs a still mind, or the stillest mind possible to develop an individual. Nothing can be achieved by an over active mind that keeps wandering along the riverbank looking at the fish; or the trees blowing, and bending as they are making rustling noises in the wind; or the waterfall coming over the rocks and making lovely gurgling and wonderful splashing noises. WHAT does your mind do? It becomes active and many times over active by thinking too much. (I find the bell ring too piercing for any meditation and pan pipes are too high pitched also).

All these exercises like the guided walks along the riverbank, the beach, etc., should be done AFTER the individual has gained a Good and I mean a very good link with the Spirit World. PEOPLE ARE BEING TAUGHT TO RUN VERY FAST BEFORE THEY CAN ACTUALLY CRAWL NEVER MIND WALK. If this is done correctly with a good tutor then the individual can then do the exercises to produce images that the Spirit World can work with, as explained in the
Meditation Oneness Book. {being Called by many the Medium's Bible), and exercises with the CDs and tapes I have made to help you develop your link with the Spirit World much stronger to such an extent, it goes through step by step so you as a budding Medium can learn how to distinguish from past, present and the future events in your links with the Spirit World.

This is so the Spirits who are working as a Mediums guides can see how the individuals mind produces images in their mind and recognises them, that way those Helpers/Guides/Angels/Doorkeepers [what ever you like to call them] in Spirit who are going to work with the individual, can then later on put their images from the Spirit World into the mind of the individual for clairvoyance. It is a must for you to meditate, meditate, meditate and more meditation. Yes it can be boring for some; yes it can be a bind for some; yes it is hard work to put time aside sometimes; yes it is going to change your life; yes it is going to put you out of your normal routines. It has to be done to gain your link in the first place then continued regularly after to maintain your strong link. If you do not use it you will lose it. Do not think just because you get your link with the Spirit World it is going to be with you all the time. How often have you seen a very good Medium go off the boil? Has that Medium been taking their gift for granted? Have they not been regularly meditating and not talking to Spirit asking for help to prove that life continues? Are they just expecting their link to be there without having to work for it? IF YOU DON'T USE IT YOU WILL LOSE IT.

As a child you should never walk before you can crawl, if you do, you are likely to put a heavy weight onto soft boned legs which have not grown into a sturdy set of legs and they then can buckle. You must never run before you walk, if you do and you are unstable you are likely to trip and fall. You must never drive fast before you have learned to drive properly otherwise you are likely to crash. Rushing along before you have a good grounding in anything holds you up from progressing in the correct manner in the long run. It is exactly the same when linking with Spirit. Start off with a good steady development of all your gifts and all will be well in the long run.

When going into the meditative state, keep on talking to Spirit in your mind encouraging the Spirit World  to come closer to you, do this for about three to five minutes. Then you have to focus your attention to slow down, [this happens as a matter of course as explained in the book], and eventually stop your thoughts going through the mind. [I do not know anyone who can achieve this stopping of thoughts completely for a long period] I find by looking into the Divine Light or colour [colour is Part of Light] within my mind helps more than any other form of meditation BUT everyone is different, an individual. Try the different exercises laid out in detail the book I am sure you will find one that suits.

If you would like to get a good strong link with the World of Spirit. I would recommend you meditate for as much as you can for a few years. It is best to do it at least once a day for as long as you have free [I try to meditate twice a day for an hour each time but not everyone can do this]. Then do all sorts of the exercises that you can as you still meditate whilst linking with the World of Spirit. BUT better still go to the Arthur Findlay Psychic College at Stansted Hall or any good honest place of learning and learn as you have a relaxing spiritual holiday break.
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Clairdelusion or Clear Delusion. Here is one of the most commonly used Clairs, it is when a so called Medium uses the figments of their imagination, they fantasise, they create their own thoughts into the words that they think the recipient wants to hear. This person is a charlatan, one that fantasies, hallucinates, invents and creates stories within their own mind for others to hear. They have a false opinion, a false belief of their gifts. These Delusionists deceive themselves and raise the hopes of others vainly fooling them as it all becomes one great big lie, which they become to believe themselves. Many is the time these people do not realise they are doing it, they are so into their own way of doing things. These people very rarely putting time aside to link with the Spirit World. They think, they are a natural Medium linking with the Spirit World when it is NO MORE than the thoughts going through the mind of this so called Medium.

Clairvoyance or Clear Seeing
Clairaudience or Clear Hearing
Clairgouterience or Clear Tasting.
Clairsentirience or Clear Smelling.
Clairsentience or Clear Sensing
Clairsensatience or Clear Feeling.
Clairsavoirience or Clear Knowing.


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