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If you want to be added here please send me an Email of your details, where you are; what you do there, the times; contacts; and a small summery of relevant details you think are needed, [about six lines] also your web site to link to and Emails, if you have one, and what section you wish to be added into. This page is for any recognised worshiping humanitarian group following, no matter what religion or belief. I believe we must not judge or force our beliefs on others. I must say here, I personally do not agree with the teachings of some. We can only educate in truth as we see it and let the individual decide in their own time without compulsion, indoctrination, coercion, or pressure. Your details I will place in their own category and then own section within your religious parameter so each interested person can click to find your given information in that category on here then if they wish, click again to be directed to your site. It would be nice if you returned the favour, within the kindness of your spirituality of the teachings of your own religion. I ask for nothing only RESPECT. 

Will you allow people to think for themselves, and most importantly will your religion and your religious leaders?




His Holiness the 14th Dalai Lama speaks of the "Four Noble Truths" in a four part video series

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(Ready for Christian, Independent, Corinthian, Ordinary)

Gateshead Consecration SNU Church

35 Gladstone Terrace West,  Gateshead Tyne & Wear


 South Africa

The Spiritual Centre Church in Diep River, Cape Town, is a spiritualist centre and church open to anyone who is interested in spiritualism. Unlike any religion, Spiritualism is not tied to fixed creeds or dogmas. We welcome anyone to come in and experience spiritualism: a way of life combining religion, philosophy and science.
We offer services every Sunday evening, as well as every second and fourth Sunday mornings, private healings, lectures, talks, discussions and clairvoyance.


Bathgate Christian Spiritualist Church

Bathgate Christian Spiritualist Church (est 1946)Acredale House, Mid Street, Bathgate, West Lothian Every Sunday doors open at 6pm for 6.30pm service during which there are demonstrations of clairvoyance by top National & International Mediums to prove there is life after death . Also Spiritual healing by registered healers from The Scottish Association of Spiritual healers (SASH) & United Spiritualists. Open Circles of meditation, Psychic & Spiritual development circles conducted by qualified Mediums.

Tel: 01506 437566


John [Jock] McArthur s site.

A group started in Dunfermline by Mr John McArthur for the development of Mediums and to prove there is life after our so called death. An organisation which is expanding their good reputation through a kindly man.

All enquires please contact General Secretary  at Phone/fax 01383 728798  mob no 07866024607 Email  

Office address for all correspondence is General Secretary Dunfermline Ask. 5 Mowbray House, Main St, Halbeath, Dunfermline, Fife, KY11 8EE 


There are over 70 Christian Spiritualist churches and centres listed on this site please follow the link below for your local one.


There are over 350 Spiritualist Churches and centres affiliated to the S.N.U follow the link below to their site and direct to their church page for your local one. a church.htm

The Arthur Findlay College, which is in Stansted Hall Stansted Mountfichet, near Stansted Airport, Essex, England, teaches all manner of Psychic awareness throughout the year. It was once the manor house of the parish of Stansted Mountfichet. It is known by historical records that in 1658 the hall was partly finished and the owner at the time was Thomas Middleton. The Hall had originally been owned by the de Vere family but was sold to Thomas Middleton, a wealthy Londoner who became Mayor of London, in 1613. It was owned by the Middleton family until 1715. The years after this I do not as yet know. In later years was owned by the Findlay Family. The hall, all the farm and land were left to the trust in the will of Arthur Findlay [who was a shipping merchant in Scotland] for the purpose of psychic research to prove that there was indeed life after death. The Hall building has a purpose built church attached to the main building and connected to it now is a new healing centre. There is a Divine service on Sunday and one on Wednesday both start at 6.15 pm.









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May your God go with you, ALWAYS.



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