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On this Website I hope to collect the most truthful and genuine accounts of all things to do with Mediumship. I only hope I can fulfil this ambition and not fall down three quarters of the way along what will be a long hard road of searching. I hope to place as much information about the genuine Mediums past and present. I will try to go to see as many Mediums as possible demonstrating their link with the Spirit World, and if they are genuine, give my personal opinions on them and if needed constructive criticism [may be]. I do not want to hurt anyone or put them off as we need as many good dedicated people as possible. I think we should weed out the charlatans who give Mediumship a bad name. I do not know if this will be possible but I will try to do this for as long as I am able. We need to improve the standards of our working Mediums, I think it is sorely needed. BUT PLEASE kindly remember the links with the Spirit World are something the working Medium cannot always guarantee AND we have to start somewhere.

The vibrations that connect the Medium and the Spirit World cannot be fully relied on as there are many factors that can come into play to disrupt when the Medium is working with their link. I will also include these conditions where I see fit because of this.

As it will be only MY opinions, [if possible, I will ask others there and put their comments down]. I do not know AS YET whether or not to place my finding on here. I would like your opinions on this matter. Some of the things I will be looking for will be.

Where and when the demonstration took place.

The conditions.

Is the Mediumistic person asking too many questions of the recipient?

Was the Medium vague in the things they give out?

Was the Medium using the fishing net method?  [throwing out information to the whole audience so they, the Medium, had to whittle down the hands that go up to take a message by giving to the recipients more information. A process of elimination. Please remember a lot of new Mediums use this method because of their inexperience of not going back to the Spirit World and asking for the right guidance, as do a few well known experienced ones as well].

Was the Medium guessing? [in my opinion and possibly others]

Did the Medium just use their psychic abilities? [in my opinion and possibly others]

Did the Medium use a link with Spirit? [in my opinion and possibly others]

Are are they being told by Spirit and then allowing their mind to interfere to mix up the message? NOT JUST GIVING WHAT THEY GET.

Was the Medium just give out what they were getting?

Did I [or the others opinion] think the Medium was making it up?

Did the Medium get a good link?

Did the Medium use symbols as a guide psychically?

Then as some Mediums do, enlarging on the symbol, saying what THEY THINK their Spirit helpers meant. [Mind interfering again. BUT some can get the meaning correct].

Did the Medium get the meaning correct for the recipient when doing this?

Whether the Medium gave accurate messages, accurate names, accuracy in whether the person is dead or still on the earth plane. Did they change what they first said to adapt to what the person wanted to hear?

Whether they switched from the person being sibling, parent, grandparent. Did they change what they first said, to adapt to what the person wanted to hear??

Was the message, messages accurate some of the time,  most of the time, all of the time? [percentage wise[.

Put in here whether the recipient, recipients is or are receptive, vague, or just wanting a message and they were desperate to have anything.

Was the recipient a professional taker of messages. [hand going up for any message]


These are some of the things we were tested on when with the Candle Trust in Ayr University many years ago now. I was only given 85 percent accuracy from my tester. I made sure from that day I sat with Spirit in meditation for Mental Mediumship a lot more after that.

Any more ideas would be helpful.

A lot of people are now calling Mediums, Psychics; as they seem to have got their knowledge mixed up along the way. A Medium is a person who is the link in middle of the Spirit World and the person [recipient] on the earth plane. They are people who have been getting their information directly from the Spirit World through their ability to link into the vibrations of the of the Spirit World. The Mediumistic person being the medium by which the Spirits can communicate and use with the permission of the Medium themselves, hence the name Medium.

A Psychic was so called for the simple reason they only used their psyche (their intuition) to give messages, they were not as developed as a mediumistic person a Medium. Now the lines of interpretation are getting blurred.

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